Blue collar movie: directed by cuarón spoke about his films in Cannes

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Mexican Director Alfonso cuarón said at the Cannes film festival about the beginning of his career, friendship with Guillermo del Toro and the shooting of «Harry Potter».

Cuarón is the first Latin American Director to receive an award of Academy award for best Director. He was nominated for an Oscar six times. Cuarón has directed such films as «Great expectations», «And your mother too», the third part of the franchise about Harry Potter and «Gravity».

Blue collar cinema

The Director told that to get acquainted with the process of shooting began as a teenager. He lived near the Studio where the ad was shot, and often secretly slipped into it. «I haven’t learned anything, but I realized that I could fit in there, so no one will notice», — joked the Director.

Cuarón, before becoming Director, he worked as a film editor and screenwriter. «I wouldn’t recommend this way because it is full of self-doubt. I really envy the modern young Directors who can immediately start their career,» he explained, noting that its dependence on the economic movie was because he needed to feed his family from twenty years ago.

Cuarón called himself a «blue collar cinema», so I started career from the bottom. «And I realized for themselves and are now trying somehow to get used to the idea that cinema for me is not only my job and purpose, but a way to survive,» he said.

Friendship with Del Toro and Lubezki

In his student years cuarón met one of my best friends — another famous Mexican Director Guillermo Del Toro. «Then it talked about as «geniuses from Guadalajara». Despite the fact that I was only a blue collar among the younger generation of filmmakers, knew me as someone with potential. So when I heard about this weird guy from Guadalajara, full of potential, I began to envy him», — said the Director.

He said that once after he filmed his first episode of the mystical series for Mexican television, which was based on one of the stories of Stephen king, cuarón met with Del Toro. He knew all about this episode and the story of king.

«Then, after a short silence he said to me: «the Story is great, but why is your short film suck so much?». I was terrified, but when he explained to me his point of view, I realized that he’s right,» said the Director.

With the operator Emmanuel Lubezki he met during his studies. Together they removed almost all of the films Cuaron in addition to «Harry Potter». Lubezki has also worked with such Directors as Terrence Malick, Ethan and Joel Coen and Alejandro gonzález Inarritu.

Between Mexico and the United States

Cuarón was briefly detained in Mexico immediately after his first short films he was offered a job in Hollywood. «Hollywood is a very strange place. The people there constantly turn and spin, but nothing to remove or permanently to develop some projects and not to let any one of them,» jokes cuarón.

In the US, he shot a short film «a Little Princess», which still considers it his favorite movie. «But I haven’t seen him since. Guillermo (Del Toro), for example, refers to his films as children, and for me this has more ex-wives — I loved them very much, they gave me everything they could, we love each other at a distance, but I don’t want them to see,» explained the Director.

The second project was the film with Ethan hawke, Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert De Niro in «Great expectations» based on the novel by Charles Dickens. He still remains one of the most hated film Director. «The problem is that I was asked to do this and several times I refused. However, I am still allowed to seduce you, and absolutely not those things would cost. First of all, I had no money, and I needed a job, and then I was invited to dinner with Robert De Niro… what do you think, could I cancel with him?», — said cuarón.

After it failed, in his view, of the project, it took a lot of cassettes from video rental with movies of their favorite Directors, were locked out for a week and realized that all this time has changed itself. He returned to Mexico and took a candid drama «And your mother too» with Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna.

Harry Potter from the 400 blows

«I don’t know why they (the producers — ed.) asked me to remove the third part «Harry Potter», because I just finished a fairly explicit sexual drama, and people complained why they want to trust it to me,» shared the Director.

After the proposals cuarón watched the first part of the film, which he did not like, however, to make the final decision, called up his friend del Toro. «I told him that they ask me to remove the «Harry Potter», and it seems strange to me. He asked whether I had read the book, I replied that I watched the movie. Then he said to me: «You’re an idiot, go to the store, buy a book, read it, and then get back to me,» said cuarón.

According to him, essential to his approach to shooting the film based on the popular novel was that it treated all the characters not as fabulous, but as to real. «Every monster has its own character, and it was important for me,» he said.

While Cuarón liked to work with actors who have ceased to be children and began to think more about themselves as professionals. «They began to think about his game, not just come to the site when they talked. It was incredibly interesting. For example, Daniel Radcliffe worked with Gary Oldman, and he is very serious about this attitude,» said cuarón.

The Director added that to prepare for the role, he asked Radcliffe to watch «the Four hundred blows» Francois Truffo. «I always ask actors to watch a movie or read a certain book, listen to music… film «the 400 blows» everything is clear, and the thirteen-year-old Radcliffe is also supposed to seem all obvious. Important to me was the realism and transparency that was shown by Jean-Pierre Leo on the screen,» he explained.