Christians celebrate the ascension of the Lord

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Christians of all areas noted on Thursday, on the 40th day after Easter, the feast of the ascension, on this day in temples will pass solemn services.

The Orthodox Church celebrates the ascension of Jesus Christ in the flesh into heaven on the fortieth day after Easter. In that day the Lord gave the disciples the promise of imminent revelation to the world of the Holy spirit, the third Person of the Holy Trinity — took the disciples from Jerusalem to the mount of olives on the road to Bethany and blessing them, he was carried up into heaven. The gospel says that at this point, «a cloud received Him out of their sight».

The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church made this day the rite of consecration of the Cathedral of new Martyrs and Confessors of Russia of the Sretensky monastery of Moscow. The ceremony will be attended by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. After the consecration of the new temple will be made a festive Liturgy.

The essence of the ascension of the Lord — in his Church — that from this point, the Lord ceases to appear sensuously to His disciples, as he did for forty days after the Resurrection, and will be open to them in other ways. And one day the perfect revelation, when each of them reposes the Holy Spirit, and they will regain their Teacher, fully and perfectly, than even in the bright morning of the Resurrection.

«Now we have it were our own. Now we can rejoice in Christ’s joy: not only about His victory, but that there are new management of God, a new understanding of the human person and the vocation of this great, this wondrous, which is not thought people to Christ, to become sons and daughters of God, to partake of all that Christ — including divine eternal glory,» — explained the spiritual meaning of the holiday known Church missionary of the twentieth century, Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh (bloom).

In the Catholic Church the Rapture refers to the number of great holidays. It involves a few special ceremonies that include a blessing of beans and grapes on the altar, extinguishing the Easter candle, solemn procession. To visualize the people, the events of the ascension of Christ to heaven in some Roman Catholic churches performed the ritual of raising the statue of Christ up to the ceiling of the temple.

Ten days after the ascension, Christians will celebrate Pentecost, or the feast of the Holy Trinity. The feast of Pentecost is considered the birthday of the Christian Church.


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