Cooperation with the Voronezh region interested in 25 German companies

© RIA Novosti / Juliana to Solovieva in photobacteria. Archival photoCooperation with the Voronezh region interested in 25 German companies© RIA Novosti / Juliana to Slowemaperiod the image Bank

Representatives of 25 companies came from Germany to Voronezh oblast on the Russian-German forum for negotiations on cooperation with local organizations and businesses, said on Thursday the regional government.

Issues of cooperation between Russian regions and enterprises in the German-Russian Economic Union were discussed on may 25 at a meeting in Voronezh region Governor Alexey Gordeev and the President of the Association’s Thomas Overbeck. Overbeck noted the interest of German companies in cooperation with the Voronezh enterprises.

«We arrived in the Voronezh region on region possibilities for cooperation with German entrepreneurs, because we are convinced that in the Voronezh region the most suitable and favourable conditions for such cooperation. This also applies to the expansion of ties between the German and the Voronezh companies not only in the agricultural sector, but also in the industrial sector and the arrival of the German companies of the Voronezh on the ground and establishment of enterprises,» said Overbeck.

According to him, in the Voronezh region on passing in these days Russian-German forum was attended by representatives of 25 German companies, which had held «serious talks» with Russian partners. Gordeev expressed his confidence that the German and Russian sides can successfully cooperate in various fields.

«Today an obvious fact that Germany remains the main economic partner, I mean not only the Russian Federation as a whole and the Voronezh region. Our most developed relationship in the agricultural sector and industry. Today we put the question to establish good relations in areas such as science and education,» the Governor said.

According to Gordeyev, the representatives of the Russian and German business today are opposed to sanctions. «German-Russian Economic Union is a relatively young and very powerful organization that includes about 6 thousand small and medium enterprises. Business just raises the question of whether to cancel the sanctions from Europe and, respectively, counter-sanctions, which today hinder the development of the economies of the two countries», said Gordeyev.

He added that the Russian-German forum in Voronezh — the event is not political. «But what business has this attitude and shows interest to the Russian economy, to our region – this is the main platform for development cooperation. German companies look at our businesses, and we are sure that some percentage of German business representatives will find partners here,» said the Governor of the Voronezh region.