Foreign Minister: Europe is ten years behind Russia in combating terrorism

© 2017 AFP / Alexander Nemenov view of the building of the foreign Ministry. Archival photoForeign Minister: Europe is ten years behind Russia in combating terrorism© AFP 2017 / Alexander Nemenov

European anti-terrorism measures security is 10 years behind the Russian, but Russia is ready to share their experience with the EU, said RIA Novosti Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Oleg Syromolotov.

On Thursday, the interior Minister of Austria Wolfgang Sobotka received the Russian diplomat. Such contact on the subject of counter-terrorism between the countries was held for the first time, although Russia is working with many States of the European Union.

«But still stayed «white spots» in Europe. For example, last year in April I arrived in the European Union and we had very serious negotiations, because it was two weeks after Brussels attacks. They asked me to evaluate anti-terrorist protection of EU airports. I told them that they are 10 years behind Russia,» he said.

He reaffirmed the readiness to share with interested countries the Russian experience.

According to him, in order to effectively counter terrorism it is necessary to create a common data Bank of foreign terrorist fighters, to have a system monitoring the movement of these persons on the world and create a simplified system of transfer of such citizens in the country of origin.

«The extradition procedure is very long, and if, for example, we have held at the Austrian Bank data reported by the services in Austria, to fly, was taken and decided what to do with him according to their laws, it will go very quickly,» explained Syromolotov.

He noted that with some States in Russia such arrangements for a long time. «And they work! But the EU does not, and they are just now coming on, many have already been solved in Russia, the issues,» he added Syromolotov, citing the example of the fixation of the movement of all people on all forms of public transport. «So we have to move the terrorist is not so simple, and they only approach it,» he said.

Foreign Minister: Europe is ten years behind Russia in combating terrorism© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobacteria in Europe