Hello, I’m your Kalyagin: a popularly beloved actor — 75

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Titlewriter STD, people’s artist of Russia Alexander KalyaginHello, I’m your Kalyagin: a popularly beloved actor — 75© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitalev

Actor, Director, Director of theatre Et Cetera and the most friendly cat of Soviet animation is 75 years old. Alexander Kalyagin was born on may 25 1942 in a family of teachers. Since childhood his idols were Charlie Chaplin and Arkady Raikin. Last young Kalyagin wrote a letter in which he told about the dream to become an actor and an unwillingness to learn.

The education of the future actor still got: graduated from medical school on specialty «Ob» and two years has worked as a paramedic in the ambulance. Followed dream Kalyagin in 1965, enrolled in drama school named Shchukin. Then there were the andirons, the Yermolova Theatre, the Sovremennik, the Moscow art theatre and finally own brainchild, Et Cetera. Since 1996 Kalyagin also heads the Union of theatrical figures of Russia.

In the theater, he realized as an actor and as a Director and as artistic Director, but his career Alexander Kalyagin takes movie. Hero of the day played over 50 roles in movies and dramas. Most memorable — the selection RIA Novosti.

«Hello, I your aunt!», 1975Hello, I’m your Kalyagin: a popularly beloved actor — 75

An array of bright Kalyagin film roles came in 1970s. the First in the list of the star characters of the actor was unforgettable Donna Rosa d Alvadore from Telemedia Viktor Titov «Hello, I your aunt!». Kalyagin partners on the film were people’s favorites Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Mikhail Kozakov, but it is the image of a rich aunt from Brazil, where «there are lots of wild monkeys», and the first thing I remember about the tape audience.

Of course, this is not the only picture, where a man played a woman, but Kalyagin transformation looks amazingly natural and funny. Tape instantly became the leader of the Soviet hire and still remains one of the most beloved Russian comedies.

«Slave of love», 1976Hello, I’m your Kalyagin: a popularly beloved actor — 75

The cooperation of the actor Nikita Mikhalkov began in 1974 with the film «home among strangers, stranger among friends» in which Kalyagin played head station Banykina. With the release of the film «Slave of love» about the fate of the divas of silent cinema in the ascension period of the Civil war the City’s reputation as a serious artist were fixed.

He played his namesake and Director, who starred ascension. Kalyagin is trying to continue working on the painting, despite the chaos that plunged the country. A small but a strong role is among the most significant in the career of the actor.

«Unfinished piece for mechanical piano», 1977Hello, I’m your Kalyagin: a popularly beloved actor — 75

A triad of Mikhalkov’s films with Kalyagin completes the «unfinished piece for mechanical piano». In the film based on Chekhov’s short stories, the actor playing Mikhail Platonov — a 35-year-old landowner and the village teacher, once submitting the big hopes of the young man. Kalyagin filigree gave spiritual crisis of a man whose dream of a bright future and great love remained unfulfilled. This role is called the vertex of the dramatic talent of the actor.

«Dead souls», 1984Hello, I’m your Kalyagin: a popularly beloved actor — 75

Another reference on the role of Alexander Kalyagin — Pavel Chichikov «Dead souls» Michael Schweitzer. Series the film was shot on the first volume of Gogol’s classic. The author himself described his hero this way: «Not handsome but not bad-looking, not too thick, not too thin, not that old, however, and not so young.» For generations of Russian viewers Chichikov has the appearance of Kalyagin.

«Leopold The Cat», 1981-1987Hello, I’m your Kalyagin: a popularly beloved actor — 75

A special talent of Alexander Kalyagin — the voice. On account of the actor voice of dozens of cartoons and radio plays, but the most famous animated character actor — Leopold the cat. This intelligent and loving gentleman with a purple bow at the neck first talked with the voice of Andrei Mironov, Gennady Khazanov then, but between 1981 and 1987 the famous «Guys, let’s live together!» was constantly uttered by Alexander Kalyagin.