In Brazil, nearly 50 people were injured during the riots

© AFP 2017 / Mauro PimentelСотрудники police during clashes with protesters in BrazilIn Brazil, nearly 50 people were injured during the riots© AFP 2017 / Mauro Pimentel

Mass protests and riots in the capital of Brazil ended on Wednesday, injuries to 49 people, seven more were arrested, reports Folha de Sao Paulo.

In Brasilia on Wednesday held a mass rally by opponents of President Michel Temer, demanding his resignation and early elections of the President. According to various estimates, they were attended by from 100 to 150 thousand people, but the authorities give a figure of 35 thousand.

Also affected the building of seven ministries, the facades of which defeated the demonstrators. Some of them were carried out arson and looting.

President Temer ordered to bring the situation under control of the military that will protect the building departments and to confront the demonstrators during the weeks before may 31.