In IKI restored the only lifetime portrait of Ivan the terrible

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Lifetime portrait of Tsar Ivan IV, embossed on cover first Apostle, 1564, has been found using multispectral photography. The image is considered to be «extinct»: embossed on leather cover, it eventually smoothed out and not visible to the naked eye. To visualize the portrait was used a special shooting techniques in different spectrum bands and original image processing algorithms. «Manifested» in this way the portrait will become the subject of study for historians.
The only authentic lifetime portrait of Ivan the terrible — one of the most prominent figures in the history of Russia — were made in the technique of engraving on copper and ottanut on the top cover of tray of first instance of the Apostle Ivan Fedorov, together with the two-headed Byzantine eagle — the emblem of the new Russian rulers. Over time, the embossed relief practically disappeared in the XIX century it became barely visible, and its outline was copied in General.

To restore image, used so-called method of multispectral photography. It means receiving the array of digital images in different wavelength ranges, from ultraviolet to infrared (with an increment of 40 nanometers), and under different angles of illumination. The resulting set of frames is processed then with the help of special algorithms, developed by the space research Institute and their colleagues from other organizations.

In the case of restoration of the portrait of Ivan the terrible it was to see microtopography the surface of the bound: smallest of bumps, cracks and depressions. For this the most effective use of infrared range — in this case, the surface removed in the reflected light with a wavelength of 730 nanometers (this range applies to infrared, but is perceived by the eye).

«The surface of the cover covered side light, and the height and azimuth of the light source were chosen experimentally to obtain the most contrasting landscape,» says Alexander Andreev, chief expert of the space research Institute of RAS.

As a result of processing the obtained images to images «stood out» the shape of the face. It is believed that this is the only authentic lifetime portrait of Tsar Ivan IV.