In nust «MISIS» developed a new approach to the assessment of coal quality

© Fotolia / IvanУгольIn nust «MISIS» developed a new approach to the assessment of coal quality© Fotolia / Ivan

Scientists of the National research technological University «MISIS» researched and described the processes that occur with coal after its extraction from the subsoil. The results will more accurately assess changes in coal during storage, transportation and use, to predict the risks of spontaneous combustion, to calculate actual fuel properties. The scientific article with the results of research published in the prestigious journal Fuel that is part of the publishing group Elsevier.

One approach is based on the application in the analysis of samples modified method of thermogravimetry in the observation of the process of decomposition of coal at elevated temperature in air and inert (used argon gas) environment. According to scientists, developed new approaches to the study of the mechanism of coal oxidation can significantly affect the development of the coal industry of Russia, the market pricing of coal on the environment coal regions. The obtained data will help to determine the condition of the coals in their extraction, storage and application. This will increase the efficiency of the use of coal as fuel and as raw material in the chemical industry. New methods will also help to develop a classification of coal production and make coal market more civilized and transparent. On the basis of studies already developed more than 25 national and interstate standards in the field of solid mineral fuels and activated carbons.