In REU them. Plekhanov called popular Economics

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Rector of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Viktor Grishin in anticipation of the school «last bell» and the upcoming exam told RIA Novosti what the specialty needs of the modern labour market and why the economic and administrative specialties will demand.

«Since 1907, the universal Plehanova prepares economists, able to Express themselves in any field… Versatile training of future economists allows them to easily be implemented in any financial sector, whether it’s taxes, credit system, or accounting,» said Grishin.

He noted that the REU focuses on the training of such versatile professionals, who can effectively manage commodities, to assess the quality, safety and competitiveness of goods, as well as to determine their authenticity, detect tampering and to prove market value. In particular, modern merchandiser is a specialist new format, with the knowledge and skills in the area of cash management and inspection, said the rector.

According to him, today specialist must possess not only Russian but also international standards and regulations of business processes, modern information technologies, as well as new sales methods.

«Such competence, of course, sought-after retailers in all formats, marketing services, consulting agencies, expert organizations and many other regions of the consumer market,» said Grishin, noting that 94% of REU graduates employed in the specialty in the first year after graduation.

According to him, currently the most popular sector in the economy is retail. «There is just a great need for trade workers, merchandisers, retailers and the like,» said the rector.

Previously Rosobrnadzor has announced that it will pay greater attention to the quality of economic and legal education in Russia. As a result of audits many universities and branches that did not comply with Federal standards, were deprived of the opportunity to issue diplomas gosobraztsa economists and lawyers.

«Our graduates – economists, lawyers, financiers, marketers, technologists, scientists, sociologists, specialists in IT-technologies is needed in all areas of the economy both in Russia and abroad. Many of them, after graduating from University just over three years ago, already occupy senior positions in large companies and themselves turn to us for staff. So that the economic and administrative specialties for many years will remain popular economy», — concluded Grishin.