In the court of the stable historical Department of St. Petersburg will present «the Big picture»

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty in fotobounce on Isaakievsky Cathedral of the Peter and Paul fortress beach in St. Petersburg. Archival photoIn the court of the stable historical Department of St. Petersburg will present «the Big picture»© RIA Novosti / Alexei Danceparty the image Bank

The exhibition of monumental paintings from the collection of the State Museum of history of St.-Petersburg «the Big picture» opens on Thursday in the Arena of the stables office, where possible the access of visitors, despite the alarm condition of the architectural complex as a whole, the press service of the Museum.

«The building of the stables office recently was transferred to the State Museum of history of St. Petersburg. The monument is in disrepair, the amount of restoration work required to bring the buildings together is enormous. The arena, located in the Eastern part of the building facing the canal is one of the few remaining places on the access of visitors,» the statement reads.

At the exhibition in court of the stable Department presented 19 paintings, created in Soviet times and rarely exhibited because of the huge size. As the press service of the Museum, the pride of the collection are three paintings by students of Pavel Filonov: «My house is my castle (Labour)» Boris Gurvich, «KINTO (Tiflis Bazaar)» Dmitry Krapivny and «New life (1 May),» Eugene Kibrik. These paintings were written in 1927 specifically for the exhibition of the Association of Masters of analytical art in the House of Printing (former Shuvalov Palace, now — the Faberge Museum).

Visitors will also be able after an almost 25-year hiatus to see the three paintings of the artist Vladimir Serov and Nikolai Korchagin, which was established in 1947 for the decoration of the Soviet hall of the Mariinsky Palace, then where was located the Leningrad city Council. Song dedicated to the founding of St. Petersburg, as well as the defense and blockade of Leningrad during the great Patriotic war. «In 1993 the paintings were dismantled during the restoration work on the reconstruction of the historic appearance of the Mariinsky Palace and transferred to the Museum of history of Leningrad. At the exhibition they are first shown to a wide audience since 1993», — says the Museum.

The architectural complex of the stables office occupies an entire block in the center of St. Petersburg, Konyushennaya square limited, Konyushennaya lane, the embankments of the Moyka river and the Griboyedov canal. In 2010, the building was handed over to a private investor for adaptation under a hotel complex, but later the city authorities have abandoned those plans because of the protests gradozaschitnikov, who feared the application of the architectural complex of irreversible damage.