In the Krasnoyarsk region up to 450 people were left homeless due to severe fires

© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate in fotobanken fire. Archival photoIn the Krasnoyarsk region up to 450 people were left homeless due to severe fires© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate the image Bank

From 250 to 450 people, according to preliminary estimates, lost housing as a result of major fires in cities and towns of the Krasnoyarsk territory, told journalists the head of the regional government Viktor Tomenko.

MOE had earlier announced a sharp deterioration of the fire situation in the region due to hurricane force winds and fallen grass. According to the interior Ministry, in connection with fires and danger of distribution of fire alarm raised by the police in two districts — Lesosibirsk and Kansk, which is now a few fires. In Kansk in the fire killed a woman.

According to the latest authorities, the fire damaged more than 100 homes in Kansk — 51 the house, in the village of Arrow burned 30 houses, the bakery and the building utilities. In the village of Malaya ket, according to preliminary data, burned 20 houses, at the station Telicity — nine.

«We are talking about several hundred people, from 250 to 400-450, but it is preliminary data,» — said Tomenko.

According to him, on the morning of Thursday authorities in the region will fly in areas where raging fires, to assess the situation, assess the damage and find out what help is needed for residents, as well as to solve housing issues.