Manturov: the brand «MiG» and «Dry» must be preserved in the framework of the KLA

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The Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov in an interview with reporters, confirmed the possibility of merging of companies «MiG» and «Sukhoi» in the framework of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC), calling it a formal question: according to him, the main thing is to keep these brands, no matter what corporate procedures may take place.

Manturov reminded that «Dry» and «MiG» are integrated within the KLA structures. «And, of course, any procedures that are carried out Oakam aimed at achieving a result in part of cost optimization, concentration of resources — financial and production. Therefore, everything that is directed on the achievement of these goals will be realized by the Corporation», — he said.

«The question lies not in corporate procedures, and whether to keep two schools… What is the legal entity who merges and merges is a formal economic sense. Importantly, «popular brands» «MiG» and «Dry», of course, must be kept», — summed up the head of the Ministry of industry and trade.

Earlier some mass media with reference to sources wrote that the KLA discusses the Association of manufacturers of military aircraft «Sukhoi» and «MiG».

UAC was created in 2006 with the aim of consolidating the assets of the largest airlines of the Russian Federation. The government indirectly owns 90,44% of the KLA. Part of the KLA members are leading Russian design bureaus and aircraft manufacturing plants, among which are: the company «Sukhoi» Corporation «Irkut»; RAC «MiG», «Tupolev»; «oak — Transport planes»; the Aviation complex. S. V. Ilyushin; Nizhny Novgorod aircraft building plant «Sokol»; «Ilyushin Finans Ko.»; «Aviastar-SP»; VASO; EMZ them. Myashishev; LII. M. M. Gromov; «AeroComposite»; Beriev. Beriev.