Medvedev congratulated Alexander Kalyagin on his 75th birthday

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Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has congratulated with the 75th anniversary of the art Director of Moscow theatre Et Cetera Alexander Kalyagin, noting his extraordinary energy and charm, and also highlighted that the celebrant does much to develop the performing arts in Russia, the corresponding text is published on the website of the Cabinet.

«You are celebrating your birthday on stage, and it is a great joy for the many fans who come to the theater to see her favorite artist. You have a rare gift of extraordinary energy and charm, and the ability to be organic and in Comedy and tragedy. Every role You fill deep content. And most importantly – special sincerity», — the telegram says.

Medvedev noted that millions of people fell in love with the vivid images created by Kalyagin movies. The Prime Minister also stressed that, despite the successful work in the cinema, the most important place in the life of the celebrant belongs to the theatre. In his message Medvedev mentioned the Moscow art theatre, where Alexander Kalyagin shone in the famous productions of Oleg Efremov and Anatoly Efros and the theatre «Et Cetera», which embodied the most daring ideas and plans of the celebrant, create unique performances.

In addition, the Russian Premier stressed that along with the creative work Kalyagin conducts active public work in the Union of theatrical figures (STD).

«Thanks to You STD implements interesting creative and social projects, doing much to develop the performing arts in the country», — said Medvedev.