NATO leaders will hold a summit to explore trump, and implement US plans to

© REUTERS / Belgian Air Force/Michael Moors/NATOЗдание new headquarters of NATO in BrusselsNATO leaders will hold a summit to explore trump, and implement US plans to© REUTERS / Belgian Air Force/Michael Moors/NATO

The leaders of the countries-members of NATO on Thursday will hold a brief summit to meet with U.S. President Donald trump, criticized the Alliance during the election campaign, and to carry out his campaign promises: to guarantee the growth of defense spending and strengthen the role of NATO in combating terrorism.

The summit in Brussels was announced in the final communiqué of the Warsaw summit, held less than a year ago. Soon after joining trump in the office of President of the NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has announced that the upcoming meeting will not be a full-scale summit and a special meeting whose main objective is the organization of the visit of the new American leader. The final communiqué after the meeting is not expected, leaders plan to adopt two reports, on a fair burden-sharing and counter-terrorism.

In the shade of trump’s promises

During the election campaign and after winning the election, trump criticized NATO allies for what they are not deducted on the defense. Similar statements were made by the previous administration, unhappy with the fact that US military spending amounts to about three quarters of the military budget of the Alliance, however, trump has taken a more assertive stance. At its first Ministerial meeting in February, the U.S. Secretary of defense James Mattis called on partners to increase funding for defense purposes, if they don’t want the obligations of the United States before the Alliance became more modest. With similar claims made by U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson at the Ministerial meeting in late March.

In the end, at the March meeting, the foreign Ministers discussed the possibility of preparation by member countries of the Alliance plans to increase defense spending to the required 2% of GDP. This level is formally approved at the 2014 summit in Wales, at the moment there is only the USA, UK, Greece and Poland. As reported on Wednesday, Stoltenberg, a formal decision on the development of such plans and their annual presentation will be made at the summit on Thursday. After the Brussels meeting, all countries will need to plan the increase in expenditure on defense, on the basis of three factors: the allocation of funds, strengthening the combat potential of and contribution to NATO operations.

The Russian side has repeatedly spoken critically about these intentions. Russia’s envoy to NATO Alexander Grushko stated that the implementation of NATO’s plans for growth in defense spending could lead to a situation of the cold war, when military planning affects policy.

NATO’s role in combating terrorism was another campaign promise trump, which is to be discussed by the leaders at the meeting on Thursday. The current us President before and after his election, demanded the Alliance to put more effort into this fight, its signal is conveyed to Brussels, the Ministers of defence and foreign Affairs. The result was not long in coming: as reported by Stoltenberg, on Thursday a decision would be taken about extending support to NATO AEW AWACS international coalition in the fight against banned terrorist group «Islamic state».

Moreover, the NATO summit’s outcomes may, at the initiative of Washington to formally join the coalition, the command of which carry the United States. According to Stoltenberg, the supporters of this idea point to two reasons: political – the need to strongly Express the support of the Alliance against terrorism, and practical – using the NATO platform for coordination of actions of participants of the coalition. While Stoltenberg has repeatedly stated that the participation of NATO in military operations and the question: the Alliance intends to focus on training the local power structures and at the moment doing this in Iraq.

The discussion about the fight against terrorism will be all the more urgent that the summit will take place three days after the terrorist attack in Manchester. The victims of the explosion, who committed suicide on may 22, during a concert by American singer Ariana Grande, a steel 22 persons, including 12 children, about 120 were injured. «The question about the terrorist attack in Manchester, I think, will be affected by the leaders,» — said Stoltenberg at a press conference on Wednesday.


The topics which occupied the first row of the agenda of previous meetings of the Alliance, this time receded into the background. As reported by Stoltenberg, the leaders will welcome the measures taken by NATO to reinforce collective defence and strengthening presence in the East, but no more. After the creation of the team’s eight cells on the Eastern borders of the Alliance and the deployment of four multinational battalions in the Baltic States and Poland new solutions in this regard are not expected. «I do not expect extra measures,» the Secretary General told reporters on Wednesday.

On Thursday, in connection with the compressed format, NATO also will not hold a meeting with the countries-candidates for accession to the Alliance and partners, including Ukraine and Georgia. At the same time Ukraine will be discussed at the meeting. Stoltenberg said that France and Germany at the summit are expected to inform the allies about the implementation of the Minsk agreements, as the situation continues seriously to disturb the Alliance.

Presenting the meeting agenda, the Secretary General said nothing about the possibility of discussing relations with Russia. However, he reminded that NATO not only strengthens the defense but also conducts a dialogue, because over the past year four meetings of the Council NATO – Russia (NRC) at the level of permanent representatives. Answering the question about the possibility of Ministerial appointments, he noted that the parties at the moment is focused on the meetings of the ambassadors.

The new building, the old symbols

NATO leaders will hold a summit to explore trump, and implement US plans to© AP Photo / Alik KepliczЭрдоган explained why Turkey blocks the participation of Austria in Netsummit NATO will be held in the new headquarters of the Alliance, built opposite the previous complex, which NATO moved from Paris in 1967 after France’s withdrawal from the military structure of the Alliance. The decision to build the new headquarters was made in 1999. During the two world wars to its current site housed a military airfield and as was announced on Wednesday Stoltenberg, during construction workers found in the ground four unexploded bombs.

On Thursday, the leaders will be present at the solemn ceremony of transfer of the headquarters of Belgium the North Atlantic Alliance. Buildings of glass and metal, which will replace the current stained concrete structures, represent the clasped fingers, symbolizing unity.

NATO leaders will hold a summit to explore trump, and implement US plans to© AFP 2017 / Pool/Virginia Maranata can cut financial assistance to Ukraine, said experts new complex a year ago, moved from the main entrance to the old building, the symbol of the Alliance «NATO Star», established in August 1971. But steel sculpture work of Belgian architect Raymond Berents will not be the only monument that welcomes visitors to the headquarters of the military-political Alliance. Two of the monument will open to the summit trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who will arrive in Brussels after a meeting with the predecessor trump, ex-US President Barack Obama.

NATO leaders will hold a summit to explore trump, and implement US plans to© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in photomontagist: NATO will not accept strategic parity with Russia. But there is a «but»trump will deliver a speech at the opening of the monument, created from the wreckage of the world trade center. As stated on Wednesday, Stoltenberg, a monument dedicated to loyalty to a NATO commitment to collective defence and the common fight against terrorism. Germany, in turn, will give the headquarters of the Alliance segment of the Berlin wall symbolizing the victory of freedom over oppression.

While the press in new premises not yet started – press center equipped in the tent on the territory of the old complex, it also installed the pedestals for the cameras. Press conference for the convenience of journalists, Stoltenberg still holds in the usual press room.

A threat to the unity

NATO leaders will hold a summit to explore trump, and implement US plans to© AFP 2017 / Pool/Virginia mowow the USA experts believe NATO is the perfect platform for interaction on Seriesmore on the desire of the Alliance to assert the unity of the NATO allies at a meeting is not excluded and conflict themes. So, on Wednesday the foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel said that Germany at the summit will raise the issue of the use of the German military contingent of the air base of «Incirlik» in Turkey. The problem came after Ankara again not made of German MPs on a military base «Incirlik», which deployed a contingent of Germany. In this regard, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany will continue to look for alternatives to move German troops from the base of «Incirlik» in the neighboring country.

In turn, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan before leaving for the summit, told reporters that the possible withdrawal of the German air force is not a problem for Ankara. He also commented that dozens of Turkish military appealed to Germany for political asylum, saying that Germany traditionally takes terrorists.

NATO leaders will hold a summit to explore trump, and implement US plans to© Flickr / 1GNC MünsterЭксперт noted «practical irrelevance» of NATO in the fight against terroristoperative relations of Turkey and Austria, which pressed for a formal suspension of the negotiations on the country’s accession to the European Union because of the repression that followed the military coup in Turkey. Although Austria is committed to the principle of neutrality and is not included in the Alliance, this tension affects the activities of NATO. Ankara took retaliatory measures and, as reported by the Turkish media citing diplomatic sources, blocks the participation of Austria in some NATO programs. Commenting on this situation, Erdogan said that «blocking will be blocked».

Erdogan’s visit has created additional difficulties for the Belgian police, which launched a wide security perimeter around his hotel room in the center of Brussels. As reported by the TV channel RTBF, the measure adopted to prevent possible clashes between supporters and opponents of the Turkish leader.

NATO leaders will hold a summit to explore trump, and implement US plans to© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy in fotobounce NATO does not expect a request for increased presence at the borders Rossiyanie the Brussels authorities have banned any mass actions of supporters and opponents of the Turkish President. We are talking primarily about the prohibition of gatherings in the capital’s communes of the Brussels-center Saint-Josse and Skarbiec where mass are representatives of the Turkish Diaspora.

These measures are not without reason. At the end of March in a fight at the Turkish Embassy in Brussels between supporters and opponents of Erdogan at least five people were injured, including stab. In the clashes, which was stopped by the police, was attended by from 150 to 200 people.

NATO leaders will hold a summit to explore trump, and implement US plans to© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobacteria NATO expansion