Putin urged to preserve the unity of the Russian nation

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You need to maintain a unified Russian nation: civil peace is fragile, it is impossible to prevent a split, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at the ceremony of the consecration of the new temple in honour of new Martyrs and Confessors of Russia at the Sretensky monastery in Moscow.

«We know how fragile civil peace, now we know, we must never forget, must not forget how hard wounds of the schism, and it is therefore our common duty to do everything we can to preserve the unity of the Russian nation,» Putin said.

He noted that «through a constant dialogue to maintain social and political harmony, and, based on our traditional values, on the values of our traditional religions: Orthodoxy, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, not to allow any bitterness and no split».

The President added that the creation of common goals, the main of which is the welfare of each person and the homeland as a whole — is the key that helps to overcome differences.