Rescuers defended from fire to 5.5 thousand houses in Krasnoyarsk region

© Photo : EMERCOM of Russia for the Republic of Bratisatellite MOE. Archive photoRescuers defended from fire to 5.5 thousand houses in Krasnoyarsk region© Photo : GU MCHS Rossii po Respublike Buryatiya

Fire-rescue units to defend from fires almost 5,5 thousand private houses in the settlements of Krasnoyarsk territory and the Irkutsk region, where high temperatures and strong winds complicated the situation with the fire, said the head of the Siberian regional center EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Marchenko.

«Not allowed further spread of the fire more than 4 thousand houses in the Krasnoyarsk region and more than 1.5 thousand houses in Irkutsk region», — he said during a conference call in the MOE.

For residents whose homes are still unable to defend from fire, prepared temporary accommodation, they are provided with comprehensive assistance.

«The buildup of forces and means to extinguish fires. To stabilize the situation involved three fire trains and two helicopters Mi-8 of EMERCOM of Russia with drain devices», — said the representative of SRC. Only in fighting fires involving more than 400 people and 130 vehicles.