Sponsors of the Islamists: of Saudi Arabia has declared an information war Qatar

© AP Photo / Kamran JebreilСотрудник in the office of the TV company Al Jazeera in Doha, QatarSponsors of the Islamists: of Saudi Arabia has declared an information war Qatar© AP Photo / Kamran Jebreil

Saudi Arabia and Qatar — two countries Wahhabi Islam, who have connections with the opposition in Syria is on the brink of war information. The twenty-third of may, the news Agency of Qatar QNA published words of the Emir of the country, Tamim al-Thani of intention to recall its Ambassador from Saudi Arabia. The head of state allegedly explained his position by difficulties encountered with the administration of U.S. President Donald trump. The next day Qatar announced that information was posted on the public resource as a result of a hacker attack. Riyadh’s explanation is not received, blocking the Internet website of the Qatari channel «al Jazeera». After that, Saudi Arabia joined the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain.

Hacker attacks on information resources of Qatar was held by the professionals. The cyber criminals artfully combined in the speech attributed to the Emir of the TA’mim al-Thani, the statements with which Doha official do not agree, but who could afford it. According to information which is now denied, the Emir called for tolerance towards Iran and accused Saudi Arabia of sponsoring terrorism. Such statements, despite their provocative, is not entirely inconsistent with the views of Qatar, because the country is conciliatory stance towards Tehran and involved in a protracted geopolitical competition with Riyadh.

Some in the Arab world are prepared to consider the release of information as a demarche to the Qatari, who decided to lift the veil on their real sentiments. Others just as an excuse to end the influence of the Doha-sponsored information resources. In Saudi Arabia, despite the denials of the Qataris, throughout the day on may 24, reported the words of al-Thani as evidence. After that, Riyadh has suspended access to the web site of the Qatari «al-Jazeera» without any explanation. Political gain was removed and Egypt, started blocking a number of information resources, some of which are not Qatari.

The scandal involved the United States of America. Former Pentagon chief Robert gates said on may 24, about the destructive role allegedly played by the TV channel «al Jazeera», «providing a platform to Islamic terrorists.» Another U.S. representative, Senator Edward Royce — apparently based on a false statement, attributed to the Emir of Qatar, said about the possibility of sanctions against Qatar.

The collision of two wahhabizma

In conversation with RIA Novosti doctor of historical Sciences, Professor Gregory RSUH Kosach told about the tense relationship that relates the power in the middle East. According to the expert, Doha intended to take the place of «second center of power» among the Sunni States of the Persian Gulf and is in conflict with Riyadh. «In 2014, Saudi Arabia has already recalled its Ambassador from Qatar. The current aggravation is not the first of its kind» — recalls the expert.

«There is a big difference in approach between Doha and Riyadh in respect of a number of Islamist groups. So, «Hezbollah and the Muslim brotherhood»* — not terrorists to Qatar, but Saudi Arabia treat them differently. Unlike Saudi Arabia, Qatar has almost no Shiites. Doha is much easier to look for ways of rapprochement with Iran — indeed, she had to do it in order not to fall under the influence of the Saudis. Let’s not forget about the competition of the two powers recognized the Wahhabi brand of Islam. The ruling name of Qatar is building itself to the religious reformer Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab, and therefore claims a special position in this sensitive area. At the same time orders in Qatar softer. In Saudi Arabia women, for example, have no right to drive, while Qatar is allowed,» — says the expert.

© REUTERS / Jonathan ErnstКороль Saudi Arabia has awarded Donald trump the order of king Abdul Aziz, may 20, 2017Sponsors of the Islamists: of Saudi Arabia has declared an information war Qatar© REUTERS / Jonathan ErnstКороль Saudi Arabia has awarded Donald trump the order of king Abdul Aziz, may 20, 2017
Particular preference Qatar in the political-religious sphere bring this country into conflict with other States in the Middle East besides Saudi Arabia. Doha grants asylum to members of the organization «Muslim brotherhood»*, which Egypt calls a threat to its political system. After the overthrow in 2013 of Egyptian President, the Islamist Muhammad Mursi the new government of this country prefer to be blocked with Riyadh against Doha. In this regard, the joint action of Egypt and Saudi Arabia to block, «al-Jazeera» looks predictable.

In the past several years, Qatar and the political exiles living on its territory, became involved in the course of the Syrian civil war. In the media there were reports of conflict between Riyadh and Doha supporting — according to this information — the various Islamist groups.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.