The Cuban company «Acosta of Dance» will present an evening of one-act ballets

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova in photobacteria of the theater Mossovet. Archival photoThe Cuban company «Acosta of Dance» will present an evening of one-act ballets© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Fedorenkova the image Bank

Young Cuban company «Acosta of Dance» for the first time participating in the International theatre festival named after Chekhov, will present his first work — an Evening of one-act ballets. Performances will take place on the stage of the Mossovet theatre 25, 26, 27 may, announced the press service of the festival.

In the first part will be presented: «crossing Niagara», «Fawn», «And nothing around», «Two». The second «Carmen» in the choreographic version of Carlos Acosta.

«Our company only two years, and we are happy that we were invited to participate in such a prestigious theater forum… — said on the eve of the premiere of Carlos Acosta. — The first time I danced in Moscow in 1993, participated in the ballet of Yury Grigorovich’s «Spartacus,» which has become one of the major experiences in my acting career. And now glad to return to Moscow. So you could call me a Russian ballet dancer».

According to Acosta, his company was created with the intention to pay tribute to the richness of Cuban culture. The troupe performs contemporary dance performances using the elements of classical ballet.

«This is a direct consequence of my artistic vision, knowledge and experience that I have acquired over 25 years of professional career…» — said Acosta.

According to the dancer, his main goal is to create a style which unifies the diversity of expressive means, he wanted to focus on the use of many different styles and approaches. Acosta plans to bring the work of talented choreographers from different countries.

In his first major work, which the company «Acosta of Dance» will present in Moscow ballet choreographers of Cuba — Marianela Boan and Carlos Acosta, the Belgian Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Spain — Goyo Montero, UK Russell Maliphant.

In the second part of the Cuban dancers will perform the famous ballet «Carmen», which was staged at London’s Royal ballet (Acosta was the dancer of theatre since 1998) for the last performances of Carlos on his main stage.

In Moscow, Carlos will present their own adaptation of the ballet «Carmen,» to music by Bizet/Shchedrin on mérimée’s Novella.


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