The Finance Ministry has offered to pay a fixed payment to the pension from the budget

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krauledat in motobanquistas pension. Archival photoThe Finance Ministry has offered to pay a fixed payment to the pension from the budget© RIA Novosti / Alexander Krajevima the image Bank

The Finance Ministry proposes to transfer funding for fixed payments to the pension, which in 2017 is 4800 rubles, the Federal budget, wrote on Thursday the newspaper «Vedomosti» referring to Federal officials.

This will help to preserve the pension rights of citizens while reducing health insurance premiums from 30% to 22% (part of the tax maneuver, the second part – the rise in VAT to 22%), says the official financial-economic bloc. The parameters of the maneuver and the new proposals of the Ministry of Finance will be discussed Monday at a meeting with Medvedev, you know two Federal officials.

According to the newspaper, the maneuver takes the financing of the Pension Fund (PFR), and most importantly – reduces the pension rights of citizens, as the bulk of the decrease in rates accounted for by pension contribution. So against the maneuver stands the social block of the government. Now the contribution to the pension Fund is 22%, of which 16 percentage points are accounted for in future pension rights of citizens, and 6 percentage points go to a fixed payout.

Transfer of a fixed payment to the care budget will not violate insurance principles, as she has no insurance of nature, says official financial and economic bloc. But it will allow mathematically to reduce budget transfers to the pension Fund: due to the maneuver, it increases 1.6 times, and if a fixed payment does not apply to insurance, pensions, and transfers to the pension payments it should not be taken into account.

Now due to the collected contributions are financed only two-thirds of the cost of insurance of pensions, and another third adds the Federal budget. According to the law on the budget of the FIU for 2017 contributions will be collected 4.3 trillion rubles, and for the payment of insurance pensions is required of 6.4 trillion rubles, while the remaining 2.1 trillion – a budget transfer. Maneuver «22 22» leads to the increase in the transfer to another 1.4 trillion rubles, calculated at the Finance Ministry. But if the funding fixed payments transferred to the budget and not counted as part of pension transfer will be reduced by 2.3 trillion to 1.2 trillion rubles.