The meeting of the Pope and trump in the Vatican lasted half an hour

© AP Photo / Evan Vucci, PoolПапа Roman Francis and U.S. President Donald trump in the VaticanThe meeting of the Pope and trump in the Vatican lasted half an hour© AP Photo / Evan Vucci, Pool

Meeting of Pope Francis and U.S. President Donald trump in the Apostolic Palace of the Vatican lasted just over 30 minutes.

To the Pope, the US President has arrived accompanied by 12 members of the American delegation. His wife Melania and daughter Ivanka at the Vatican canons were dressed in dark dresses, their heads were covered with Lacy scarves.

After a brief greeting and handshake Pope Francis and the tramp in seclusion in a hall of the Apostolic library. At the end of their half-hour conversation, the us President presented the Pontiff of all members of the delegation, including her husband Ivanka Jared Kushner, after which they exchanged gifts. The Pontiff gave Trump the olive branch as peace symbol and the texts of three of his hits. During our little exchange of remarks Pope Francis asked Melanie they had dinner in the Italian capital, to which she laughingly replied that they had pizza.

Currently the U.S. President meets with state Secretary of Vatican, cardinal Pietro parolin. And for the rest of the guests from the United States carried out a tour of the Sistine chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica. The Pope went on traditional audience with the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s square.

Broadcast of the meeting led the state television of the Vatican. About the content of the conversation between the President and the Pontiff are not reported.

The following points in the program, trump will be moving to the Quirinale Palace and a meeting with the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and the subsequent negotiations in the residence of the American Ambassador with the Prime Minister of Italy Paolo Gentiloni.