Turkish has invited Putin to sing «favorite songs of the Russian people»

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Turetsky at the ceremony of presenting state awards in the Kremlin. 24 may 2017Turkish has invited Putin to sing «favorite songs of the Russian people»© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

Artistic Director of «Turetsky Choir» invited the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to take part in the project «Festival of song» which will be held in June at the Palace square in St. Petersburg.

Michael Turetsky on Wednesday was awarded the Order of Friendship. «Dear Mr. President, dear friends! First, thank you so much for this fabulous award, it is a great joy and privilege not just for me but for the whole creative team that the power of the state is so highly appreciated our work,» said the actor at the ceremony of awarding the order.

«In the coming holidays at the Palace square in Saint-Petersburg and in Vladivostok, Vladimir Putin, has a big dream – to see you at the feast and sing: «where the homeland begins…», «Hope – our compass earth», together with the people, I think, for people it will be a fantastic happiness as it is to us. Looking forward to seeing you» — appealed to the Turkish Putin.

According to the artist, the Russian song is the soul of the country. «We live for this, our current project called «the song Festival», it is progressing and gaining a very large turnover, and it’s incredible happiness when tens of thousands of people free of charge in the Central squares of the cities, in unison singing the favorite songs of several generations is passed on to children, energy is off the charts, the scale is shocking. And these songs, they are very important for all of us, because it’s a song about love, about war, about peace, about home, about family and about the times in which we live,» said Turkish.

Mikhail Turkish — Russian showman, conductor, singer, founder and producer of the art group «Turetsky Choir». In 2010, he received the title of people’s artist of Russia.

«Turetsky choir» debuted in 1990. The ensemble’s repertoire includes world classics, rock and pop songs, jazz and folk songs in more than ten languages.

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