Warsaw hopes that the NATO decision on long-term deployment of troops in Poland

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Warsaw is counting on the NATO summit in Brussels to solve the issue long-stay group of the Alliance on its territory, said the Minister of defence of the Republic Anthony Makarevich in an Interview with PAP.

The heads of the countries of the Alliance will hold a meeting on Thursday in Brussels.

«In July last year the decision was made unique, historic proportions, and already in Poland and other Eastern flank placed NATO troops and American troops. It is important for us to be sure — is also the question of our participation in organizational, logistical, financial — that the next rotation will be implemented in accordance with the plan. Until we have a plan till the end of 2018, but already the middle of 2017, and plans logistical, and financial, require long-term,» said Macierewicz.

«We hope that this will be decided during the NATO summit, which will be held on Thursday,» he added.

However, on the eve of the summit, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that at the meeting in Brussels the leaders will welcome the measures taken by NATO to reinforce collective defence and strengthening presence in the East, but no more. According to him, after the creation of the team’s eight cells on the Eastern borders of the Alliance and the deployment of four multinational battalions in the Baltic States and Poland new solutions in this regard are not expected.

In July 2016 NATO summit in Warsaw it was decided to place in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland at the international NATO battalion. Their formation took on the UK, Germany, Canada and the United States. it was also reported that in 2016 it will be the military of Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, in the following — soldiers from Croatia and France.