With a private spaceport in New Zealand for the first time launched a carrier rocket

© Photo : Roscosmos/Sergey Followed for New Zealand taken from the International space station. Archive photoWith a private spaceport in New Zealand for the first time launched a carrier rocket© Photo : Roscosmos/Sergey Volkov

New Zealand-American aerospace company Rocket Lab Thursday made the first rocket launch «Electron» from the starting area in New Zealand.

«Sent it into space. The team is satisfied,» the company wrote on their Twitter page.

The company also released a recording of the launch of the carrier rocket «Electron», the main purpose of which is to deliver to orbit small satellites and other small loads. The launch occurred in the area 16.20 local time (07.20 GMT) with Peninsula Mahia in the North-East of the country. One of the features of a rocket is an engine created by the technology of bulk printing.

However, to launch the rocket failed.

«We haven’t quite managed to achieve orbit, and we understand why, but the fact that we were able to get to space during the first test, puts us in an incredibly strong position,» — leads the Agency associated Press, the words of company founder Peter Beck.

In September 2016, Rocket Lab announced the completion of the world’s first private spaceport in New Zealand, which began in December of 2015. The company planned to use the cosmodrome to launch ultralight launch vehicles.

#ItsaTest pic.twitter.com/JI4M6iTqiC

— Rocket Lab (@RocketLabUSA) may 25, 2017