Books for June: new moon and Roman Schmitt about the journalist with a unique gift

© Fotolia / Kagachi. Archival photoBooks for June: new moon and Roman Schmitt about the journalist with a unique gift© Fotolia / Kara

The beginning of summer is preparing for all lovers of literature novel by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt about the journalist with unusual abilities, artistic interpretation of events of the XVII century in the presentation by Boris Akunin «Week three-eyed», the fascinating story of Simon schama about the great Dutch painter Rembrandt, a psychological Thriller by Dmitry Glukhovsky «Text» and magic realism in «the House of the spirits» by the Chilean writer Isabel Aliente.

«The man who saw through the face»

The creativity of the Franco-Belgian playwright and writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt unpredictable: in the pages of his stories and plays come to life, Freud, Mozart, Denis Diderot and even Hitler, and magic enters into the territory of reality. In his numerous works he talks about religion and God, about the past and present, asking relevant questions not only to the heroes of our time, but also famous personalities of the past. In a new book called «the Man who saw through entity», publication by the publishing house «Azbuka-Atticus», Schmitt appeals to incredibly sharp in our days the problem of terrorism.

In the story, in the small Belgian town of Charleroi a terrorist attack occurs – an explosion on the porch takes a lot of lives, suspicion falls on the local religious fanatics. The young man Augustin, recently received an internship at the local newspaper, undertakes its own investigation. In this case the hero is forced to live and his own demons – a unique gift (or curse) allows him to see tiny creatures hovering over the people. The book is published in translation by Irina Volovich.

«Week three-eyed»

Boris Akunin has for years been working on ambitious multi-volume project «History of Russian State». Last fall he produced the fourth volume of a series called «Between Europe and Asia. The seventeenth century», dedicated to the events of the time of Troubles, the mystery of the false Dmitry, the popular revolt and the accession of Ukraine. Real historical events inspired the author to create new novel «Week three-eyed» which leaves in publishing house «Eksmo-AST».

The hero of the work becomes an orphan Markel. In his youth he experienced many adventures and growing up, took over the leadership of the sovereign’s custody. The reader will plunge into the mysterious world of the atrocities of the old Moscow, which will unfold the history of the whole of the seventeenth century. Additionally, the volume includes the play «to Kill a serpent» – about the people that determined the future course of history of the Russian state.

«The Eyes Of Rembrandt»

Simon schama, author of books on German and French history, and the Creator of several films about the history of England and an exciting series about great artists, entitled «Power of art», created a multi-page work on the life and work of Rembrandt almost 20 years ago. Finally a fascinating historical narrative about the Netherlands of the XVII century and place of the artist, demonstrating the greatness of Dutch painting, published by the «Azbuka-Atticus». With the skill of a novelist and professional historian schama interweaves rare documentary footage about the life of a native of a small Dutch town Leiden in a broad historical context. He writes outside the academic Canon, it is this involvement of the reader, in front of which to unfold the evolution of portraits and self-portraits of Rembrandt, and also reveals the secrets of such masterpieces as «the anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp» or «Night watch». The translation of the book carried the Faith of Okhtyrka.


Dmitry Glukhovsky, known to the General public as the Creator of the post-apocalyptic world of the novel «Metro 2033» and its two sequels, in his new work, decided to experiment. Roman Text is completely devoid of gloomy pictures of the future, mutants or weapon, and in its pages you will not encounter zombies; all post-nuclear tinsel Glukhovsky refuses in favor of realism. The novel’s characters are young people — the rebellious and submissive to the circumstances, location — modern Moscow. The author himself calls «the Text» psychological Thriller, where the mixed drama, crime intrigue, the eternal problem of fathers and children. During the writing of the novel, the author consulted the police and operatives of the Federal service for drug control (FDCS), to detective the episodes look fairly, honestly and accurately. The novel leaves in publishing house «Eksmo-AST».

«House of spirits»

Chilean writer Isabel Aliente is considered one of the successors to the tradition of magical realism Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Jorge Amado partly. The most extensive circle of foreign readers, Aliante for many years, tells about the history, culture and politics of the Latin American continent. His first novel, called «House of spirits», which is published in the publishing house «the Foreigner», she started with the letters to his grandfather, and devoted «mother, grandmother, and other amazing women» — the theme of family and own life play a big role in her works. The literary debut of writer tells of the Trueba clan; a family history, mixed with magic details, real shocks, long-suffering country and its political storms.