Egypt’s Prosecutor General ordered an investigation into the attack on the bus

© RIA Novosti / Yulia Labunskaite police. Archival photoEgypt’s Prosecutor General ordered an investigation into the attack on the bus© RIA Novosti / Yulia labunska

The General Prosecutor of Egypt Nabil Sadek instructed the national security Office and the Ministry of interior «to establish the identity of perpetrators of an armed attack on a bus carrying the Copts (Egyptian Christians) from Beni-Safa in the province of El-Minya», reports the Egyptian newspaper «al-Yaum AU-Sabia».

He also ordered to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident and made a decision about the direction of the Department of criminology to survey the scene.

Unknown three SUVs on Friday morning opened fire with machine guns on a bus with the Christians, as well as a van and a small truck. Just attack was attended by ten people, whose faces were hidden by masks.

The attack occurred in the area of the monastery of St. Samuel to the West of the village of al-Adwa the province of Minya in southern Egypt. The Christians were sent to the convent of Beni-Safa.

According to the latest official figures, 26 people died, 23 injured. Coptic representatives reported 35 dead. According to SIM, the passengers of the bus were children.

In connection with the attack, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi calling for an emergency meeting of the National security Council. Egyptian security forces reported that they blocked all the exits from the province of Minya, there are additional outfits.