Environmental quest: to create a map for 4 days

© Photo : Press service of Mahakaccana district of MoscowEnvironmental quest: to create a map for 4 days© Photo : Press service of MIIGAiK

Students of Moscow Universities along with the senior students of Moscow has created an environmental map of the city of Moscow, having a kind of data-quest. In the course of it, the volunteers were on a predetermined route in the heart of Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov and mapped environmental data. The event became one of the Central «1-St Week of science, technology and innovation — Geodata», held at Moscow state University of geodesy and cartography.

As told the head of the Center for environmental monitoring «Clean city» Alex Turuntaev, the route took a group of 15 students was proposed by Mosekomonitoring. In just 4 days the students were of 44.7 km.

© Photo : Press service of Miyakodani eco-quest for data collectionEnvironmental quest: to create a map for 4 days© Photo : Press service of Miyakodani eco-quest for data collection

While travelling on the route every 15 metres was selected and the participants shot five readings in three key parameters: acidity, moisture, and light. The obtained average value and the photo of the measuring point is transmitted for processing to the server in MIIGAiK. The result was the created environmental map of an area of 91.2 square kilometers, which shows the results of 628 measurements of the main characteristics of soil and vegetation.

«At first this may not seem like a game or just to the curiosity, but ultimately can determine the way in life,» said Alex Turuntaev.

Students of the faculty of applied cosmonautics and photogrammetry of MIIGAiK, studying navigation system, ensured the binding of the obtained measurements to the map of Moscow. Data collected during the experiment, and conclusions on their basis, after synthesis will be presented in the structure of the ecological complex for further work.


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