Forbes said, trump «ruined holiday» Europeans at the NATO summit

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy in fotobiennale macron, Donald trump and Angela Merkel at the NATO summit in BrusselsForbes said, trump «ruined holiday» Europeans at the NATO summit© RIA Novosti / Alexei Vitvitskiy the image Bank

On last Thursday the NATO summit, Donald trump has acted in accordance with their campaign slogans, putting US interests first, not like the European allies, writes on the Forbes website Explorer edition Doug Bando.

The Brussels meeting was to be essentially a formal procedure of meeting of heads of NATO countries with the new «leader of the free world» as it is sometimes referred to as the presidents of the United States. The European members of the Alliance are expected to soften trump generalities about mutual defense and struggle against terrorism, but the us leader did not act according to the expected scenario, the author stresses.

Trump has openly criticized members of the Alliance for failure to meet financial obligations, stressing that such behaviour is «unfair» to US. As a result, the event, which was to become for Europeans a pleasant and noncommittal, left them with feelings of anxiety and irritation, the article says.

According to Bando, the Americans, the summit should, on the contrary, delight. After the end of the cold war before the Alliance left any real tasks to justify its existence, and the share of Europe in military might, NATO is constantly falling. At the same time, the Alliance was eagerly welcomed into its ranks countries of Eastern Europe, is unlikely to strengthen it militarily — the last of these dubious acquisitions was Montenegro, reminds the author.

The reason for this neglect of defense that most European countries don’t see any real threats to their own security. The prospect of large-scale confrontation with Russia looks as likely as an invasion of Martians, the author writes.

In such circumstances it is not surprising that the share of defence spending of European countries-members of NATO made up in 2016 a total of 1.47% of GDP, while in countries such as Belgium, the Czech Republic and Spain, did not exceed even one percent, the article says. In 2014, NATO promised to increase spending to two percent of GDP by 2024, but by this time the international situation will be different, and the White house will be the new President. Members of the Alliance do not have to answer to anyone if their promises are not met, said Bando.

Thus, the US President is doing the right thing, persistently demanding from NATO’s European members meet their obligations, said Bando. Europeans should start to carry the same with the American taxpayers the burden of defense spending or to organize their defenses as they see fit, the author concludes. Forbes said, trump «ruined holiday» Europeans at the NATO summit© RIA Novosti / Vitaly Podickory to serve