In Bangladesh, Muslims were removed from the courthouse «UN-Islamic» Themis

© AFP 2017Демонтированная statue of Themis in the Supreme court of BangladeshIn Bangladesh, Muslims were removed from the courthouse «UN-Islamic» Themis© AFP 2017

Bangladesh authorities have removed a statue of the goddess of justice, which was installed in front of the Supreme court and that religious conservatives called «UN-Islamic» and demanded to be replaced with the image of the Koran, reports AFP.

The demolition of the statue was preceded by protests from opponents of the sculpture — the Bangladeshi version of the Greek Themis. The country’s Prosecutor General said that the decision to demolish the statue was passed on Thursday by the court, the Agency said.

After the sculpture was removed, near the courthouse there were demonstrations, to disperse which the police used rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons. It is noted that the demonstrators were students and other opponents of the demolition of the statue.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina a month ago said that the statue «ridiculous» and don’t like her. «I don’t like it. It is called a Greek statue, but like a Greek statue come here?», — leads the Agency of her words.

The author of the statue Mrinal Haq replied that it is a sculpture of Bengali women in traditional dress. After its demolition, he said that the authorities went on about the Islamist group «Hefazat-e-Islam», which was also staged protests, demanding to remove the sculpture.