In France, Putin’s visit will change relations between Russia and the West

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday will meet in Versailles with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, came into power less than two weeks ago.

Press Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov said that the agenda of the first meeting of heads of two States will be very extensive, and the Ambassador of Russia in France Alexander Orlov believes that Putin will be interesting to talk with a colleague, which predict a future statesman, comparable to Charles De Gaulle and Francois Mitterrand. RIA Novosti interviewed experts, noting the symbolism of the meeting in Versailles, expressed the hope that it will improve relations and build trust between Putin and Macron may lead to the emergence of a new perspective on the relationship between Russia and the West.

Shortly after Makron officially assumed power in France, held the first telephone conversation between the presidents. They expressed willingness to develop friendly Russian-French relations in politics and economy, agreed to continue the dialogue on issues of bilateral cooperation, Syria and Ukraine and to work together on topical issues, including the fight against terrorism.

The Russian leader’s visit to France was a surprise — information about him appeared a week before the meeting.

«You know, it actually is obvious, this agenda. First, both presidents need to know: this will be their first meeting. This is the first. The second — Russia and France is very extensive agenda of bilateral relations and projects of economic and trade cooperation and cultural interaction, and so on and so forth,» said Sands, answering the question on the agenda of the forthcoming talks.

He also noted that going to happen, and the exchange of opinions on the main «pain points» on the international agenda, namely regional conflicts, «which are well known.»

A new beginning of relations

The Ambassador of Russia in France Alexander Orlov in an interview with RIA Novosti called the upcoming meeting «an important visit».

«I’m not going to use the word «historic», but who knows, maybe he really will be historic. Because this is a new beginning of our relationship. This is the first meeting with the new President. The President, who, I think, will go down in the history of France as a great statesman, who wants to restore French national grandeur, wants France was more independent in international Affairs, so she can go back to those glorious times, which was when the country was governed by General De Gaulle and françois Mitterrand,» — said the diplomat.

He said that the new French President Makron — «a man of very great internal culture, very educated, knows the history.»

«I think that between Him and Vladimir Putin have much in common, and they need to agree and understand each other. I really want to hope that between them established a good, trusting relationship. And this will benefit all of France and Europe, and the world,» — said Orlov.

The good news

In turn, the Deputy of the National Assembly, the representative of «Republicans» Thierry Mariani also believes Putin’s visit to France «very good news».

«For me this is very good news — it suggests that relations are restored. At the end of the presidency (françois) Hollande, the situation with the relations between France and Russia was catastrophic,» said Mariani in conversation with the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

He recalled that the last planned visit of Putin to France, during which the Russian leader was to take part in the opening ceremony of the Orthodox religious and cultural center on the Quai Branly in Paris, was cancelled because «the embarrassing actions of Hollande».

According to Mariani, «the fact that the new President will hold a meeting with President Putin» — is the first step to restoring relations.

«After a period of absence of relations between the two countries is the fact that they restored is very, very well,» he added.

«Symbols are very important in diplomacy, and I would not downplay the significance of the visit to Versailles, it is the exhibition dedicated to Peter I, who opened Europe to Russia. Characters very much. This, of course, is not enough to negate the negative, which is very much in a relationship, but nevertheless,» Dubien, told RIA Novosti.

Continuing the conversation about the upcoming visit, the expert made the assumption that was the reason for the meeting.

«He (macron) in the next few days met or will meet with CEOs of the world, except China… And he was the first to tell Putin about how things are in the Western world. I think Putin will be interested to hear from the Macron, as discussions were under way», — said the head of the center.

As noted, Dubien, «Putin interesting to watch, to listen to the Macron, the new President, to understand for yourself what has changed or what could change in the position of France compared to Hollande on key issues like Syria and Ukraine.»

«The tone should be changed, although it is not just order. To create another background is, most likely, the strength of our leaders. To build, to restore at least a minimum of trust — and this concerns not only France but many other European countries. Not to start with a clean sheet — the sheet is not clean,» — said the Agency interlocutor on the question of what should be changed in the first place in relations between the two countries.

The Dubien believes that «the macron as the new President wants to try a fresh perspective to look at this relationship and something to run».

«Despite friction over Syria between France and Russia have many differences, despite the «Mistral» and other sad incidents, our relationships (Russia and France — ed.) higher than the European average. Better than UK, the same in Germany. There is a reserve, not everything was destroyed in three to four years», — said the expert.

«King in France»

It is expected that the meeting of the presidents will take place not in the French capital and in a suburb of Versailles, which was once the residence of French kings.In France, Putin’s visit will change relations between Russia and the West© RIA Novosti / Alexei to Nikolskiye in totobacco and Putin will meet in Versailles on may 29

The two leaders will participate in the opening of the exhibition «Peter the Great. The king of France. 1717» in the Palace of the Grand Trianon castle Versailles. The exposition prepared by a Public institution of the castle, Museum and national domain of Versailles and the State Hermitage Museum, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the visit of Peter I in France, marked the beginning of stable relations between the two countries. It will present more than 180 exhibits from the Hermitage collection.

The first visit of the Russian monarch to France, became an important stage in the history of Russian-French relations, took place three hundred years ago — in April-June 1717. In Paris Peter I met with the seven year old king Louis XV and the Regent of France, Duke of Orleans Philip II. Russian Tsar visited Paris. The purpose of the visit of Peter the Great in France was the diplomatic negotiations connected with the Northern war, a substantial portion of time was given to visit the Royal residences and government agencies.