In Thailand, the thief stole 82 Buddhist monastery for 11 months

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A citizen of Thailand, was released from prison last year, he was arrested by the police of the province of Udon Thani in the North-East of the country on charges of theft in 82 Buddhist monasteries in this province, made for the last 11 months, said on Friday the online version of the newspaper «Khom Chat Lyk».

The man had previously robbed the monasteries, for which he was in 2013 sentenced to five years in prison. In 2016, he was released on Amnesty, the newspaper reports.

A thief broke into the door of monk cells in the morning, when the monks were making the rounds of the congregation, collecting alms, or just opened them, as the monks rarely lock the doors even in his absence. His prey was most often cash and Buddhist amulets, which cost in Thailand is sometimes very high.

With the arrest of a man in the house, the police found 200 amulets, 70 of which were stolen a few days ago the monk who filed after the theft, a police report. The total cost of these 70 amulets evaluated at 5.5 thousand dollars, the newspaper said. Also in the yard stood two motorcycles without license plates that the thief stole for use in the monastic theft, three cell phones and a laptop, the report said. As the newspaper notes, «the monastic thief» considers himself a Buddhist. During the interrogation, he repeated several times he was stealing money and trinkets, but not as important objects of Buddhist worship as bowls for alms or Buddha statues.