In the Yaroslavl region, unknown to a sick child transferred 10 million rubles

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Travelagency. Archival photoIn the Yaroslavl region, unknown to a sick child transferred 10 million rubles© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov

An unknown benefactor has listed ten millions of rubles of 10-year-old Anton Davidov from Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region, the patient with Ewing’s sarcoma (cancer of the Ilium) — these funds allow the boy to receive treatment in Germany, told RIA Novosti volunteer Natalia Kovaleva, who participated in the fundraising for the treatment of Anton.

In a social network «Vkontakte» is a group dedicated to Anton. His story is similar to many stories of other children whose lives suddenly came cancer. Was a fun athletic boy, was engaged in Sambo. In early 2017 Anton began to complain of pain in the leg, but the doctors couldn’t figure out why. Soon the child became worse, he lost the ability to move independently. After extensive examination revealed that he had Ewing’s sarcoma, cancer of the Ilium, the fourth stage with multiple metastases in the lungs, kidneys, bone marrow, and total defeat of all bones. Ewing’s sarcoma is one of the most rapidly developing cancer.

«The doctor in Moscow said that this is not the case, and survival in our situation two to five percent that Anton should high-dose irradiation of all bones, which they did not do,» wrote the boy’s mother Oksana Davydov’s group, dedicated to raising funds to Anton.

Money for treatment in Germany started to collect in April. Amount was announced almost 12 million rubles. The fundraiser was called the administration of Rybinsk, in the city charity concert. By the end of may managed to raise over two and a half million rubles.

«The evening of may 23 someone anonymously listed on the map Oksana ten million rubles. Oksana we immediately wrote I had received such translation. Of course, she, like mom, emotions were running high, because this is a real chance for her child to live. Personally, I do not doubt that the money we collect, but it was only a matter of time, which, unfortunately, no… the Collection was immediately closed,» — told RIA Novosti Kovalev.

Itself Oksana Davydov wrote in the group son «Vkontakte»: «I could not believe that such a miracle can happen to us. When I saw such a huge amount on the account, made me catch my breath, I was so happy I started to cry. Then told Anton that he just transferred the money that’s all we’re going to treatment.»

«Could I-with all my heart! Thank you for the miracle that Anton believed! You are our magician!» — asked the woman to an unknown benefactor.

According to the volunteer, now the Davydov family prepares documents for a trip to Germany. «I hope that within two weeks they will be able to fly,» he said.