In two areas restored broken due to the bad weather the power supply

© Fotolia / ѕеап824Линии power. Archival photoIn two areas restored broken due to the bad weather the power supply© Fotolia / sean824

Energy was eliminated due to a bad weather accident on the power grid has left without light about 4 thousand residents of four districts in the Vladimir region, and about 20 thousand people in Ivanovo region, reported the regional emergency Department.

Earlier it was reported that due to thunderstorms and high winds around 15.00 GMT 22 settlements with a population of about 2.5 thousand residents in Kirzhach and Petushki in the Vladimir region were left without electricity. At 18.10 GMT received a message about the violation of power supply in Yurev-Polish and Sobinsky areas, the result was left without electricity 26 settlements and 1161 resident.

In the Ivanovo region because of the storm front in the area of the outage were about 20 thousand people. In the field, according to engineers, the greatest number of disabled consumers recorded in Teykovo, Linescom and Ivanovo regions.

«In Kirzhach and Petushki areas… as of 22.00 the power supply is restored in full», — stated in the message Vladimir emergency management. Also, according to rescue agencies, restored power in Jurev-the Polish and Sobinsky areas.

About the successful restoration of power supply was reported and rescue workers of the Ivanovo region. «At the moment power supply is restored in the whole Ivanovo region, leaving only the horticultural cooperatives», — said the Agency interlocutor.