Poklonskaya explained the request to the interior Ministry on the audit of the company’s Teachers

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polynicotinate in fotomonster Chairman of the Duma Committee on security and combating corruption of Natalia Polonskaya. Archival photoPoklonskaya explained the request to the interior Ministry on the audit of the company’s Teachers© RIA Novosti / Alexander Polynicotinate the image Bank

In St. Petersburg began checking the company’s Director Alexei Uchitel, his lawyer said that the police action associated with the request of the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Polonskaya in the movie «Matilda». Itself, the MP said that he had sent several appeals to law enforcement agencies.

The essence of the scandal

The Commission came to the conclusion that «Matilda» «the image of the Russian Orthodox Church canonized the Emperor Nicholas II can not offend the religious feelings of a considerable part of Orthodox Christians», as the film creates a false image of the Russian Emperor as «inadequate and morally corrupt person.» In addition, according to experts, the authors of the tape repeatedly replace facts «artistic» fiction.

Problems Of Teachers

On the audit of the company Alexey Uchitel’s lawyer Director Konstantin Dobrynin said the day before. According to the lawyer, the police requested from the company documents.

«While this is just a request from police for provision of documents for inspection in connection with the possible existence of a crime», — the lawyer told RIA Novosti.

He explained that it is not a search and not the seizure of documents, just a query to be answered within the statutory deadline.

«We’ll think about it», — said the lawyer, answering the question of whether a company to send to law enforcement authorities the necessary documents.

«Of course, the test is associated with the movie «Matilda» and the interest of the Deputy Polonskaya, her flurry of activity the last six months associated only with him, I wonder what else she was doing in the state Duma», — said Dobrynin.

«Gentlemen, Directors are promoting their film»

Natalia Poklonskaya told journalists that she had sent to the competent authorities of multiple queries.

«I can’t know which request he (the Teacher) refers. I had not one request, gentlemen, Directors advertise your movie, I’m not going to participate. I consider the complaints of citizens, in connection with preparing parliamentary inquiries to the competent authorities, carrying out inspections,» said Poklonski told reporters.

The MP added that the audits are conducted on the fact of insulting the feelings of believers, as well as budgetary funds that were allocated for the financing of the film.

In February, commenting on the scandal around the «Matilda», Poklonski also referred to complaints from constituents.

«I’m doing my job, in my name received enormous number of complaints. Not less than 20 thousand complaints, and they are citizens of different faiths and different organizations from different countries… I get from all over the world treatment», — said the MP in an interview with radio Sputnik.In turn, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the end of April condemned the prosecution of the authors of the works which have not yet been published.

«The low level of culture, of course, has immediately on all sides of our society. I shall not quote different very severe examples, you, too, abound. They cover the whole spectrum of our life, starting from politics and ending with family relationships. Naturally, all this hinders our development,» — said the head of government.

According to him, often «instead of principles, of beliefs, respect for the opinions of others and work just shows up aggression and intolerance.»

«By the way, this aggression is sometimes embodied in criminal acts. Or sometimes essentially reduced to the persecution of the author, whose works have not been seen. So we need in this sense to be much more tolerant, is very attentive to what is happening,» — said Medvedev.

Specific examples of the Prime Minister to lead was not, however, the journalists linked his words with the scandal surrounding the film by Alexey Uchitel, which was also criticized even before the release.

A similar position was taken and officials of the Ministry of culture, which gives the films a distribution certificate.

«It’s an Orgy of democracy. How can you judge a movie that nobody saw?» — said Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky.