Russia to set up Arctic research and experimental centre for military

© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikovskaya. Archival photoRussia to set up Arctic research and experimental centre for military© RIA Novosti / Valery Melnikov

The Ministry of defence this year plans to create an Arctic research and test research center, said on Friday the Chairman of the Military scientific Committee of the armed forces Lieutenant General Igor Makushev.

«On behalf of the President in the framework of development of the Arctic zone in 2017 it is planned the creation of a research and testing Arctic research center. Capacity subdivisions of the center in Arkhangelsk, Priozersk and St. Petersburg,» said Makushev.

The center will be to solve scientific problems related to the provision of troops in the Arctic and the creation of new systems of armament and equipment.

According to the General, Military-scientific Committee is in favour of all the proposals in the state defense order received tentative research institutes.

«This will ensure high relevance and actuality of the obtained scientific results, as well as compliance of characteristics of the created weapons requirements,» said Makushev.

In recent years Russia has begun active economic development of its Northern territories, including hydrocarbon production and development of the Northern sea route, which is increasingly becoming an alternative to traditional routes from Europe to Asia. To protect Russian interests in the Arctic sent a package of measures, including military nature, given the increased attention to the region from the countries-members of NATO.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin announced the creation in the Russian part of the Arctic unified-based surface ships and submarines of the new generation. According to him, will also increase the reliability of protection of the Russian border in the Arctic, including by strengthening of the naval component of border groups.