Scientists have named one of the main dangers of lack of sleep

© Fotolia / Yuri Agshin wakes up after sleep. Archival photoScientists have named one of the main dangers of lack of sleep© Fotolia / Yuri Arcurs

American doctors found that the systematic lack of sleep significantly increases the probability of death from stroke people with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The results of the study can be found on the website of the American heart Association.

Experts recommend suffering with heart disease and diabetes to sleep at least six hours a day. Otherwise, according to the researchers, the risk of death from the onset of stroke was two times higher than in healthy people, diverting to sleep more than six hours a day.

To such conclusions experts came randomly selecting 1344 adult men and women, among which are highlighted the high risk group. It included people with high body mass index, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Observations were conducted over a period of 16 years.