The EAEU will be a schedule for the accelerated elimination of barriers to trade

© RIA Novosti / Tabyldy to Kadyrbekovna in photosangelina the flags of the countries of the EEU. Archival photoThe EAEU will be a schedule for the accelerated elimination of barriers to trade© RIA Novosti / Tabyldy to Kadyrbekovna the image Bank

The EAEU will be a schedule for the accelerated elimination of trade barriers among the countries of the Union, told journalists the Chairman of the Eurasian economic Commission (EEC) Tigran Sargsyan following the meeting of the Eurasian intergovernmental Council.

«We took a decision in principle about what we need to understand in details with these barriers and plan-schedules for the removal of these barriers. 60 barriers we already have an agreed position, for the rest we will make a report to the Prime Ministers at the next meeting of the intergovernmental Council,» he said.

Sargsyan reminded that at present the regulatory framework of the EAEU allows you to use exemptions to the process of formation of common markets happen the more gently for the national markets, however, these exemptions interfere with the formation of the common market. «The main focus, which we did in this issue, is the need to overcome these seizures in a shorter time, allowing faster start common market», — said the head of the EEC.

In addition, according to him, the mutual trade of the countries of the Union there are a number of barriers that are contrary to allied agreements and also do not allow forming common markets. Sargsyan added that the question of removing the barriers appeared to be the center of attention of heads of government including the fact that business representatives need the fastest solution of this problem.

Another topic of today’s meeting, according to him, was the formation of a coherent policy in the field of agriculture. In particular, the parties agreed to deepen cooperation to the farmers of the EEU could position itself on the markets of third countries. «There is already some experience of interaction, but it is necessary to intensify the work of ministries of agriculture of our countries, we agreed that the relevant Ministers will meet more often and discuss the issues of doing a more coherent policy,» said Sargsyan.

With regard to the topic of digital economy development in the countries of the Union, then, according to the head of the EEC, the parties agreed on the need for digital transformation across four main areas. In particular, we are talking about industry and cross-industry transformation, transformation of common markets Union, as well as the logistics infrastructure of transport communications and systems management.

«To create this digital ecosystem we made the decision to form a centre of expertise in the Commission, to identify key projects that will contribute on the one hand the deepening of integration, on the other hand — to stimulate the digital transformation in these areas,» — said Khristenko.

He added that this center of competence will systematically prepare reports for the governments of the EEU countries on progress in this area.The EAEU will be a schedule for the accelerated elimination of barriers to trade© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in fotomonster and objectives of the Eurasian economic Union