The leaders of NATO has fulfilled the requirements of trump’s first summit with his participation

© AP Photo / Evan VucciПрезидент Donald trump in Brussels. 25 may 2017The leaders of NATO has fulfilled the requirements of trump’s first summit with his participation© AP Photo / Evan Vucci

The heads of state and government of NATO held in Brussels Express-summit devoted to the requirements of the United States, and made the decision on joining the Alliance in the coalition to combat «Islamic state»*, the extension of support to the coalition and creating the anti-terrorist unit, as well as the preparation of national plans to increase defence spending.

American President Donald trump has arrived in the Belgian capital on Thursday, where he met with Prime Minister of Belgium, leaders of the EU institutions and the President of France. But the main purpose of his visit was the NATO summit where the new US leader took part for the first time.

For summit trump has prepared and public speaking: speech at the opening of the memorial dedicated to the victims of the terrorist attack in new York. Memorial erected at the entrance of the new headquarters of the Alliance. Trump once again called on NATO members to fulfill financial obligations to the organization, describing the injustice of the insufficient, in his opinion, defense spending 23 member countries of the Alliance.

At all its meetings the President of the United States insisted on additional efforts to combat terrorism – that he demanded of the Alliance on the eve of the presidential election.

Money and anti-terror

The allies responded to the demands of leading NATO countries, military expenditures which account for three-quarters of the defence budget of NATO. On Thursday, it was decided to establish an annual national plans to increase the contribution to the defense. In them, member countries will indicate how we intend to raise defence spending to 2% of GDP, to invest in essential facilities and to participate in NATO operations. The first series of reports on the implementation of these plans will be ready by December, and in February 2018 examined by the defence Ministers of member countries of the Alliance.

NATO has also decided to formally join the international coalition to combat ISIL, the command of which carry the United States. This decision was taken by Washington of two reasons: to show the unity of the Alliance in combating terrorism and to provide a platform for coordination of actions of participants of the coalition. The Secretary General recalled that the Alliance does not intend to engage in combat operations against terrorists, but as a member of the coalition will be able to participate in the political discussions of its members, including coordination and training.

Stoltenberg said that the leaders decided to create a unit to gather intelligence in the fight against terrorism, to improve the exchange of information between NATO members, including foreign fighters. The Secretary General also decided to appoint a senior representative to NATO coordinator to implement anti-terrorism plan of the Alliance.

Russia: defense and dialogue

The tone of the discussion on Russia was set by the performance of trump. At the opening of the monument, he called terrorism, migration and the «threat from Russia» in the number of threats to NATO. According to Stoltenberg, the member countries of the Alliance at the meeting confirmed the current approach to relations with Russia, involving deterrence and dialogue. The Secretary General noted that NATO is a defensive Alliance and does not seek confrontation with Russia.

«Russia is our largest neighbour, it will continue to be, and we strive for a better and more constructive relationship with Russia», — he said, Recalling that last year after two years after four meetings of the Council Russia – NATO.

Answering the question whether the increase in defence expenditures for a new arms race, he said that all of NATO’s actions are «weighted, wearing defensive in nature and proportionate response to Russia’s actions,» and again accused Russia in the conflict in Ukraine.

According to Stoltenberg, the approach of the allies to Russia is more United than ever. The leaders of NATO confirmed its course towards Ukraine, and expressed readiness to continue to strengthen the political and practical partnership with Kiev. They also called for full implementation of the Minsk agreements.

Relations between the US, European countries and Russia deteriorated over the situation in the Donbass, where Kiev in April 2014 began a military operation against the breakaway LC and the DNI, which declared independence after a coup in Ukraine in February 2014. Western countries have imposed a series of sanctions against Russia, Moscow has retaliated.


*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.


The leaders of NATO has fulfilled the requirements of trump’s first summit with his participation© RIA Novosti, Integratiebeleid in photobacteria NATO expansion