The MAYOR wants to improve and expand the patent system of taxation

© Photo courtesy of the Ministry of economic development, Hamgravy the Ministry of economic development Oleg Fomichev. Archive photo<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2017/05/9df8e5ad6ce3e69d887c9ee034032338.jpg" alt="The MAYOR wants to improve and expand the patent system of taxation” />© photo courtesy of the Ministry of economic development

The Ministry of economic development has developed proposals for improving the patent system of taxation, in particular, proposed to expand its scope, said Deputy Minister Oleg Fomichev.

«Decisions will be made in General, the contours of the tax system. In these solutions it’s possible that will change some parameters of the tax regime for small and medium business», — said Fomichev in an interview with the newspaper «Izvestia», answering the question about the possible emergence of new tax incentives for entrepreneurs.

According to him, the Ministry has proposals for improving the patent system.

«We need this tax regime is more tightly tied to the fact of registration that the entrepreneur was easier to simultaneously register and pay patent, and expand the scope of the patent system. Now the patents is still not widespread despite the fact that the growth rate payers in two years has grown in 2,5 times», — said Fomichev.

The Deputy Minister added that the patent system needs to be improved in terms of the level of taxation for social payments.

«For quite some time there is a discussion with the Ministry and the business community about the introduction to individual entrepreneurs, do not attract employees and applying the patent, a single payment that will include the amount of tax and insurance contributions», — said Fomichev.

He said that to expand the system it is necessary to additionally perform a regional practice, as the regions already have the right to include in the list of activities carried out under the patent, its new species.

«Maybe the further spread of the patent for the manufacturing sector and agriculture,» — said Fomichev.