The Museum Tinder: why the artist invited men out on dates to museums

© Photo courtesy of the galleries «Fragment»Project a Date in the MuseumThe Museum Tinder: why the artist invited men out on dates to museums© photo courtesy of the galleries «Fragment»

Register on the popular Dating site and ask a man out on a date… to the Museum. Moscow artist Ilmira of Balatan during the year made the experiment, which resulted in her exhibition «Rendezvous at the Museum.»

That it moved, and how men reacted to such a proposal? This artist said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

«I was driven by something called a social curiosity. I used these sites I never used. I was wondering what is the type of communication that is for the people who was there. Mainly written by men about my age — 35 years.

In my profile was a well-known quote from a children’s poem by Sergei Mikhalkov, «I’ll take you to the Museum». I used it as a lead. This immediately set the right tone of communication — initially, my goal was to get interested people to the Museum exhibition. And the main thing that it had to do with contemporary art.

The young man was about 20 years old, it was the boy from Tajikistan. I was surprised to find that on Dating sites there are many nice young people from Central Asia. They come here not only to work, but looking to make friends and just some people, through which they can adapt, because feel cut off from life.

Do not communicate with them Muscovites, they do not know where to go. And with one such young man, we went to the Museum. It was a difficult tour because it was most curious and inquisitive, asked a lot of questions, really trying to understand. I wasn’t expecting it.

I spoke with a man who was very interested in art. He went to all sorts of literary and musical evenings. There was also a man very well versed in classical music and told me very much interesting. For our meeting, he chose the Tretyakov gallery on the Crimean Shaft.

One person wrote: «I saw the comb that was placed in the Museum and called it art. Something with your contemporary art not so.» People have tried to prove to me that modern art is something dubious and unworthy of attention.

Personally, I found it helpful to talk with a person who is very aggressive respond to contemporary art. I understand how people and non-creative professions react to artists. He wrote me a sharp things that all contemporary artists called crazy, arrogant and snobs. «As you can ride around «the Black square»?!» — this is a very typical question. The picture of Malevich often arise during the project.

Of course, it was ironic project, when a woman, attracting men, trying to lure them to the exhibition. During my «dates» with me always worked my who is performing geologic logging, Mariana Karyshev. She rented these meetings unnoticed, only from the back. Photography is also represented at the exhibition, but the faces of the men there to be seen.

The exhibition will also feature my watercolors and painting — the painting, which depicts holding hands man, woman and child. The work is framed in a Museum, in a gold frame. It’s the perfect way why people generally go on dates. It is usually considered that they all want to meet my perfect love.

© Photo courtesy of the galleries «Fragment»Diptych «Trinity»The Museum Tinder: why the artist invited men out on dates to museums© photo courtesy of the galleries «Fragment»Diptych «Trinity»

Someone may experience ethical issues to my project — and you can ask them. Someone who sympathizes with these men, as if they «suffer for the art». But I think that there is nothing wrong with these people did not. On the contrary, drove them for free to the Museum and had a tour.
No man during the project was not injured, and will they continue to be interested in contemporary art — is completely dependent on them.»


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