Urin called support Serebrennikov normal for a theater community

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The General Director of the Bolshoi theatre Vladimir urin in response to gratitude to journalists for a letter in support of Kirill Serebrennikov remarked that it is a normal act of any person in the theatrical community.

Urin previously reported that he had written a letter to the President in which he expressed his attitude to situation around the «Gogol-center», but the content is written did not disclose.

«This is an absolutely normal act of any person in our theater community,» said urin. He stressed that he tries not to comment on the situation concerning searches in «Gogol-center», since there is a very complicated situation, requiring serious reflection.

In addition, at a press conference in the Bolshoi theatre the Urine asked whether the right of a state to censor the artist if the artist if it uses public money.

«There is no government money. There’s our money – taxpayers ‘ money. The state in this case deals with the question of the distribution of the money. What should go and what should not is a question of demand. The state to intervene should not,» said urin.

According to him, when society comes to understand this, the main role is played by the artist’s talent and his ability to speak that language, which «is demanded by society».

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