«Zenith» has beaten «Khimki» in the first match of the semifinal series of VTB United League

© RIA Novosti / Igor Russkiye in fotobabble. Archival photo«Zenith» has beaten «Khimki» in the first match of the semifinal series of VTB United League© RIA Novosti / Igor Russkiyi the image Bank

Petersburg basketball club «Zenit» in the first match of the semifinal series of VTB United League with a score of 99:95 beat on Thursday, «Khimki».

According to the head coach «Zenith» Vasily Karasev, his team lost leader Khimki Moscow region Alexey Shved, who scored 31 points.

«It was a very important game, we didn’t want to lose the home field advantage. Somewhere not cope with the Swede, of course, in the absence (Demonte) Harper, who hurt us,» said Karasev to journalists.

«Somewhere just wasn’t in the legs is one to one. It is clear that against a scoring team like Khimki, something difficult to do, all block impossible. But after the opponent’s attacks we must take the selection», — said Karasev.

According to him, his team alternated successful plays with a failure.

«It was only the first home game. Initially they were nervous game, not everything worked out in attack. Good thing we were able to regroup, feel its game. Had some good moments, but afterwards was disastrous cuts. We made 19 losses against 11 opponents. It’s too much for a game with such contender, as «Khimki» — said Karasev..

In turn, the shooting guard of the St. Petersburg basketball club Sergey Karasev said that his team managed to win at the expense of team play.

«Managed to win through team play, could be better and (to play), but with all the flaws we break the game,» said Karasev to journalists.

He also answered the question whether «Zenit» with the current squad to play in the Euroleague. «Ready, we have gathered here here. This is another level. You’ve got to start sometime,» said Karasev.

Karasev sure that the series against «Khimki» will resistant. «Playing two equal teams, the series will be equal until the very end» — said Karasev.

Head coach of Moscow region basketball club «Khimki» Dusko Ivanovic has said that his team is ready to hold all five matches against Zenit St. Petersburg in the semi-final series if required.

«It was only our first meeting. If you want to win, we are ready to play all five matches. We had a chance to win but we did not play as well during all the match,» said Ivanovic.

He said that he liked the atmosphere in SC «Jubilee». «The public is excellent. See, in the semifinals of the VTB United League and should be so much the audience,» said Ivanovic.

The second match of the series to three victories will be held in Saint-Petersburg on may 27.

VTB Bank is the title sponsor of VTB United League.

Friday night will be game of the second semi-finals of the playoffs VTB United League. In local Moscow CSKA will play with Krasnodar «Lokomotiv-Kuban».