Abdulatipov urged to help Muslims to defend the true Islam

© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral in fotobanka of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov. Archival photoAbdulatipov urged to help Muslims to defend the true Islam© RIA Novosti / said to Carnaveral the image Bank

Basic concepts of true Islam are subject to a distortion, and should help the Muslims to protect him, said the head of Dagestan, Ramazan Abdulatipov, speaking at the first Congress of the Assembly of peoples of Eurasia.

The first Congress of the Assembly of peoples of Eurasia held in Moscow on may 27-29. Invited to participate the representatives of 92 countries. In the business program of the Congress will take part about 1 thousand persons.

The program includes more than 30 business events in various formats, including plenary, thematic sessions, round tables, workshops, exhibitions.

On the sidelines of the Congress is planned to hold the international festival of films of the Eurasian production and festival of national cultures of the peoples of Eurasia.

To defend Islam

«Many crimes were committed under the guise of the name of God, the authority of the nation and culture. It was destroyed millions of destinies of talented and beautiful people and sometimes entire Nations and cultures,» said Abdulatipov at a panel discussion titled «Spiritual culture — the common values of peoples.»

«Today, a similar distortion of poetizatsii exposed to Islam. We need to help reasonable Muslims to defend Islam, which, together with other religions is an important source of man’s spiritual world. I say this on the first day of the Holy month of Ramadan,» — said Abdulatipov.
Terrorism = fascism

According to Abdulatipov, today such important fields as spirituality and culture, is given too little attention, and the lack of spirituality and «one-sided pragmatism,» carry humanity to the threat of radicalism, extremism, terrorism, drug abuse, crime and other challenges.

«Let us remember that the cost to humanity, our ancestors, and our people to the fascist madness. The indifference of people, indulgence of many European businessmen and politicians have created in the time of Hitler, fascism. To the precipice we are now the terrorists and those who «flirts» with them. Some people think that terrorism can be used to their advantage. This is a huge misconception. In the end, being ignorant force it (the force of terrorism — ed.) will turn against the state and against culture», — said Abdulatipov.

«Having said all of this, it is important to realize that in modern conditions especially increases the risk of reproduction and spread of ignorance. Again, we should be ashamed to watch as reborn with us neo-fascism», he added.

Eurasia — the center for spiritual renewal of the world

Abdulatipov noted that in the former Soviet Union in conflicts and wars killed since the collapse of the Soviet Union and continues to kill thousands of people who yesterday lived together in peace and harmony. Hence the vital need to apply to their own spiritual potential.

«Read any position from the Koran, the Bible or the Torah — all written correctly. If you run at least one page, to live a wonderful and prosperous life and to love each other, and make friends, and create. This is a huge potential that we should use, because, no offense to Europe, these resources to a greater extent have the peoples of Eurasia», — said Abdulatipov.

He said that in Dagestan and in Russia, the unity of diversity is the basic formula of the spiritual cultural life that creates obselescence and the national Foundation for cultural and civil identity of Russians, representatives of more than 180 people around shared values, common history.

«Socio-economic, scientific-technical processes in Eurasia, in Russia more harmoniously adapted to the traditional culture. In Eurasia, even at a fairly sensitive level there are spiritual ideals and their cultural and moral practices that are still not suppressed by modern technocracy, individualism, and pragmatism. In Eurasia, the spiritual life is not yet fully commercialized, and information system do not end up amazed by the bacilli of ignorance and consumerism. We conclude on the possibility of a Eurasian spiritual leadership in the spiritual renewal of the world», — said Abdulatipov.

He said that the core of the spiritual renewal of the world can speak Russia, India, China, Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkey and other countries, which according to its spiritual potential and experience of culture is able to take on the mission of the spiritual salvation of modern civilization. «The government and society of Eurasia are aware of the need to move from muscle to the soul, the intellect and the conscience,» said Abdulatipov.