Bits spoke about his book «PostScript»

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Classic Soviet and Russian literature Andrei Bitov, who on Saturday is 80 years old, hopes to complete his latest book, which is «lying in the drafts».

«I’m working on a book of history with geography, which completes everything I wrote, apparently. This is an attempt to understand Russia, the experience of thinking about space Empire. I have always disliked the national idea, which we are not Mature enough», — said Bits in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to him, labour can be called «PostScript».

«PostScript, as a genre, is very interesting, it fits, all that you missed,» said the novelist. He also hopes to be able to complete his work. «I hope I shall have finished his work, the book is in draft, it is necessary to sweep all the trash, and I have not the strength. First time trying the text to dictate, I don’t know what happens, to rule still have, that’s another job on the word,» added the writer.

According to Bitov, now he is busy with another «very interesting work»

«I study quite interesting the old man is me. Substitute for multiple sclerosis — multiple experience,» said the writer.

Bits noted that in addition to the «learning age», he was suddenly interested in TV. «I was despised, but now he tells me a lot more than before. Whether I look out for myself what’s out there, whether miraculously switched on when it is necessary», — said hero of the day.

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