Experts told whom to fear of multiple sclerosis

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Almost 78 thousand people in Russia are sick with multiple sclerosis; on the eve of the world day of fight against this disease about its features, risk and complexities of diagnostics RIA Novosti was told by the experts.

World multiple sclerosis day is marked on 27 may. The day was established in 2009 on the initiative of the International Federation of societies of multiple sclerosis. Its purpose is to inform about this disease, integration of national and regional organizations, search of sources of funding global movements for issues of multiple sclerosis.

What is multiple sclerosis

As told RIA Novosti Deputy Director for scientific work of the Scientific center of neurology Sergei illariushkin, multiple sclerosis is irrelevant to aging. It is an autoimmune disease, a breakdown in how the immune system protects the brain: there has been a failure, and the immune system begins to attack the brain due to certain causes producing antibodies to it, and to damage nerve cells and their guides.

«The word «sclerosis» is a purely medical connotation: it is a certain morphological characteristics of the tissue, its replacement by connective tissue as a result of acute injury or chronic inflammation. The fact that in narrow-minded understanding is called sclerosis is atherosclerosis — the wear of the blood vessels of the brain, heart and so on. This usually occurs in the elderly,» said illariushkin.

He noted that in multiple sclerosis sclerotic plaques can appear in any of the departments of brain and spinal cord, causing a disease called multiple.

The disease usually manifests in impaired vision, weakness of muscles, violation of the sensitivity and coordination of movements. In General, the clinical manifestations of multiple sclerosis are very diverse, because of what the diagnosis is often difficult.

Who is at risk

Since the disease is autoimmune, to predict its appearance is almost impossible.

«Family cases – an extreme rarity, it is not a hereditary disease. Multiple sclerosis is a disease of young age… Men and women are about equally sick. It is not rare. It was known and widely described in the XIX century, that is long enough. There is a difference in prevalence across countries: in Nordic countries it is more common, in Africa it is almost nonexistent. This is especially autoimmune diseases,» said illariushkin, noting that one hundred thousand of the population accounts for 20 to 40 cases.

He noted that multiple sclerosis, like any chronic disease cannot be cured completely.

«You can help to prevent aggravation, naturally, it is possible with the help of modern immunomodulatory drugs that change the course of multiple sclerosis,» added the doctor.
Official data

As reported by RIA Novosti in the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation, according to 2016, only among the population of the Russian Federation was 77.9 thousand citizens, patients with multiple sclerosis, which accounts for 53.2 cases per 100 thousand population. This disease is most prevalent among people of working age.

The health Ministry noted that in the subordinated institutions regularly working to develop new drugs and treatments for the disease.

As told RIA Novosti President of the Russian public organization of disabled patients with multiple sclerosis Yan Vlasov, the evaluation of patients with multiple sclerosis in Russia is different in different organizations.

«The specialists of the Institute of neurology Russian Academy of Sciences and representatives of the expert medical community believe that patients with a diagnosis of «multiple sclerosis» we have about 150 thousand. We believe that about 80 thousand people verified, that is, those that are just there. And people who along the line of the Ministry of health and other Executive authorities of health territorial bodies give us information about 67.5 thousand people who are in the registers of medical care to the population. The number receiving treatment – 38.5 thousand. Despite the fact that in 2008 there were 5.5 thousand,» — said Vlasov.

Diagnosis of the disease

Experts told whom to fear of multiple sclerosis© Fotolia / romasetСМИ: Russia developed the first drug for patients with multiple sclerosis sclerosomatidae hard to diagnose because clinical manifestations, a number which is characteristic for other diseases.

Vlasov noted that the diagnosis of the disease is fairly routine thing, although this remains a problem in remote and rural areas due to the lack of necessary equipment.

«Basic hardware diagnostic test is a nuclear imaging, and with a clearly defined sensitivity. Therefore, the inhabitants of the urbanized areas in the best situation, and in rural settlements that there were problems,» he said.

According to Vlasov, it is also important to inform the doctors that they had a certain wariness in relation to multiple sclerosis and to provide information about the disease to the population that people used to asked for help. He noted that in this direction have already managed to achieve some success, because «we used to have between first visit and diagnosis was held from three to five years, now from one to four months.»

Features of treatment

Experts told whom to fear of multiple sclerosis© Fotolia / neurobiteУченые deciphered the thoughts of all the paralyzed people of Russia at the expense of the Federal budget under the program «Seven nosologies» centralized purchasing of drugs for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

The number of innovative medicines, which are registered in Russia, is increasing, said Yan Vlasov.

«But we are very slow to appear these drugs in the restrictive lists. Last year we failed any new drug to restrictive lists, so we have the most powerful and effective innovative medicines to date patients is not available. Their price is rather high and restrictive list they are not included, therefore they are not state purchases», — he said.

Experts told whom to fear of multiple sclerosis© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Astapkovich to fotobanka prescribed pills. As the Cabinet has brought the public procurement of medicines to narodovlastia added that there is a problem when the regions supplied the drug under the international nonproprietary name (INN) but different trade names, for which the regions are forced to engage in an exchange of drugs between them, which is inconvenient.

«We propose the government to do the rotation to the old drugs slowly went out (out of circulation), and their place was taken by new drugs… We are looking forward to medicines that treat the most severe form of multiple sclerosis is primary progressive forms, which was considered incurable, and we are now waiting for registration of these medicines. But what will be the availability of this drug, then, they say, only time will tell», — he added.