«Helicopters of Russia» signed at HeliRussia-2017 contracts for 20 billion rubles

© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in Photobacterium Mi-38-2 (OP-3) on exhibition of helicopter industry HeliRussia-2017«Helicopters of Russia» signed at HeliRussia-2017 contracts for 20 billion rubles© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage the image Bank

Holding «Helicopters of Russia» signed at HeliRussia-2017 contracts worth about 20 billion rubles, said General Director of the company Andrey Boginsky in the course of the exhibition, held in the Moscow suburb of Krasnogorsk from 25 to 27 may.

Tenth international exhibition HeliRussia, organized by the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, took 12,4 thousand square meters, which will house exhibits of 237 companies from 21 countries. Among them — 22 helicopter and 15 UAVs, two of the gyroplane. At HeliRussia-2017 includes companies from Australia, Britain, Germany, Israel, China, USA, France, South Africa and other States. Russia is represented at the exhibition the exposition of the state Corporation «rostec» and 23 companies from its structure. These include the holding company «Helicopters of Russia» United engine Corporation (UEC), the concern radio-Electronic technologies (KRET), «Technoceramica», «Rosoboronexport».As reported in the course of the exhibition, Deputy defense Minister Yuri Borisov, the Russian defense Ministry will purchase for the state armament programme (GPV) 2018-2025 years less helicopters than under the current program for 2010-2020.

«Will purchase fewer helicopters, as we have already reached the regime of saturation. For military transport helicopter (new) go to 2020 by 70%,» — he said, stressing that after 2020, the defense Ministry will focus on the purchase of combat helicopters.

He said that the Russian defense Ministry in the framework of the existing SAP planned the purchase of several helicopters Mi-38. «And in the next plan, so this helicopter will have a future», he added.

Mi-38 multipurpose medium-lift helicopter equipped with the new highly economical engines TV7-117V Russian production and an integrated digital flight control and navigation complex. In design is widely used composite materials, including in the bearing and tail screws.

Thanks to the technical solutions used Mi-38 surpasses other helicopters in its class in terms of cargo capacity, passenger capacity and other flight capabilities. In addition, the helicopter can operate in a wide range of climatic conditions including Maritime, tropical and cold climate. The fuselage of the first serial-production Mi-38 is already assembled at the Kazan helicopter plant.

Taking off from the decks

According to Bogunskogo, the holding company «Helicopters of Russia» intends to 2019 to reach a contract with the Russian defense Ministry for the supply of Russian deck helicopters Ka-52K «Katran».

«Now there are troops in the delivery of Ka-52 helicopters. In the marine version of the Ka-52 going development work. We hope soon to complete them, to the letter and 2019 to reach a contract with the Ministry of defence to supply these machines,» said CEO of the holding in the opening day of the HeliRussia-2017.

The Russian defense Ministry confirmed that the contract for the purchase of naval helicopters Ka-52K will be signed in 2019. As told journalists on Thursday, Borisov, these machines are planned to base on amphibious assault ships of the «Ivan Gren».

Currently, attack helicopters Ka-52 «alligator» are adopted solely of Air and space forces (VKS) Russia. Under the contract signed in 2011 «Russian Helicopters» and «Oboronprom» videoconferencing in 2020 will get 140 of these machines. The feasibility of such large-scale purchases of the «Alligator» has been confirmed by actual combat: as reported by the media, from April 2016, the Ka-52 were used against international terrorists in Syria.

Instead Of «Mistral»

The construction of ships, helicopter carriers «Mistral», founded in LG 2018-2025 years; delivery of the first ship is planned in 2022, announced on Thursday, Borisov. «The construction of the helicopter is, on average, four years, so I think, Yes, something like that (in 2022),» said he, answering the journalists ‘ question during HeliRussia-2017.The Ka-62 helicopter is designed for transportation of passengers, offshore jobs, emergency medical care, perform operations on search and rescue, transportation of cargo inside cabin and on external sling, patrolling and environmental monitoring. Due to the high altitude operational ceiling and high thrust-weight ratio of engines of the Ka-62 can also perform search and rescue and evacuation operations in mountainous areas.

The Ministry predicts the sale of helicopters Ka-62 in the amount of 365 cars until 2030.

The KA-226T without a pilot and gyroplane «Shark»

«Helicopters of Russia» develop an unmanned version of the light helicopter Ka-226T, told reporters on Thursday Boginsky.

«Indeed, we develop this version of the helicopter because this version neither in Russia nor in the world… you Need to change the manual control of the helicopter on automatic,» said CEO of the holding before to open the exhibition HеliRussia-2017.

Light multipurpose helicopter Ka-226T is designed to accomplish transport and special tasks in all weather conditions. The machine is able to carry up to 1.5 tons of cargo to a distance of 600 kilometers. Its takeoff weight of 3.4 tons.

The first flight model of the Russian triple single-engine gyroplane Ventocopter R1 «Shark» will be presented at the MAKS-2017, told RIA Novosti CEO and co-founder of Ventocopter Dmitry Sichinava.

«We expect July 23, at MAKS we will fly on the new machine… Technical advantage of Ventocopter R1 «Shark», of course, is the lack of stall and the possibility of a safe landing,» he said during HeliRussia-2017.

The gyroplane, or autogyro — in fact, a light helicopter, in flight, resting on a bearing surface freely rotatable in autorotation of the rotor. The horizontal speed gives him located in the tail pusher propeller. Such aircraft can land in almost any conditions, even if he has run out of fuel. It is equipped with a rotary petrol engine deep conversion capacity of 250 horsepower with a link to the manual afterburner to 320 horsepower. Cruising speed is up to 320 kilometers per hour, flight range — up to 700 kilometers. Used fuel type — gasoline AI-92 — radically reduces the cost of flights and expands the possible routes for piloting.

«Arm-AB» And «President»

Concern radio-Electronic technologies exhibited the samples of avionics, laser guidance systems for surveillance and targeting complexes, helmet-mounted target designation system and display.

KRET signed with the Russian defense Ministry contract for the supply of a new batch of complexes electronic warfare «Arm-AB», told RIA Novosti at the HeliRussia-2017 Advisor to the first Deputy Director of the company Vladimir Mikheev.

«Recently, we signed with the Ministry of defence contract for the supply of five helicopters Mi-8МТПР-1 electronic warfare systems. Delivery is scheduled for next year, but I think that the first helicopters we will deliver to the customer in 2017,» he said, adding that in 2017 in the interests of the Russian defense Ministry KRET plans to deliver a large shipment of jammers SAP-518 and electronic warfare systems «Mercury-BM» to equip the Land forces of the armed forces.

The current generation of helicopter stations active interference «Knob-AB» is used in the army. It received a high rating of the Russian defense Ministry. In 2016, KRET delivered to the troops the second batch of helicopter complexes Mi-8МТПР-1 with the «Lever» on the Board. Each of them is able to conduct reconnaissance and suppression of radio-electronic systems of control of troops and weapons at the enemy in a radius of several hundred kilometers, providing group protection of aircraft, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, aviation and air defense of the enemy, and land vehicles and ships to air attack.

Mikheev also said RIA Novosti that the flight tests of electronic warfare systems of the new generation of «Arm-AVM», is designed to equip helicopters Mi-8ППР is to be completed by the end of 2017,

«Helicopters of Russia» signed at HeliRussia-2017 contracts for 20 billion rubles© RIA Novosti / Vitaly to Belowaverage in photobacteria plans to supply customers with 220 helicopters in 2017″I Think that by September we will reach the flight stage of state tests of the new complex EW «Lever-AVM. To some extent it can already be attributed not just to the jamming devices, and to means of radio-electronic destruction,» he said, explaining that the complex would be able to put «electronic strikes», disabling system of intelligence, control and targeting of enemy weapons.

Interlocutor RIA Novosti added that Russia supplied the airborne defense suites (ADS) «the President» three foreign countries and is negotiating with other foreign customers in the system.

Earlier, the representative of KRET reported that a number of countries in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Latin America are interested in buying Russian airborne defense «President-s» and helicopter electronic warfare systems «Lever-AV».

The main tasks of the ADS of «President» include the detection of the threat of attack protected aircraft fighters, anti-missile and anti-aircraft artillery systems of the enemy; defeat (suppression) of the optical homing head of the aviation and anti-aircraft guided missiles, including homing missiles man-portable air defense system. The complex allows to detect and track the attacking missile, to send a coded laser multispectral radiation into its optical homing head or to create interference active radar guidance head of the missile. This action leads to the disruption of tracking the missile and its subsequent withdrawal from reference trajectory in the direction of from the protected aircraft or helicopter.

Export prospects

«Helicopters of Russia» signed at HeliRussia-2017 contracts for 20 billion rubles© RIA Novosti / Ilya Pitaevskii ready to buy from Russia a substantial supply of Mi-17Мексика interested to purchase from Russia a substantial supply of Mi-17 helicopters, told RIA Novosti on Friday during the exhibition Semirechie the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSMTC) of Russia Anatoly Punchy.

«The Mexican military appreciate Russian helicopters, who are already well established itself in solving a variety of problems, including at liquidation of consequences of emergency situations of natural and technogenic character. Russia is ready to fully meet the needs of Mexico in the purchase of significant quantities of helicopters,» said Punchy.

According to him, these helicopters will be supplied to units of the naval forces of Mexico.

Punchy also told RIA Novosti that «Argentina during recent talks have confirmed their interest to buy from Russia another batch of helicopters Mi-171E to work in Antarctica in the presence of financial resources; Russia is ready to continuation of negotiations on this subject». However, he noted that Argentina is planning to increase its fleet to this technology, making high performance opportunities for Russian helicopters at work in the Antarctic latitudes.

On Thursday, the official representative of the holding «Helicopters of Russia» has told RIA Novosti that Russia and Mexico are working on the issue of deliveries of Russian helicopters Mi-8/17 and Mi-26T for the Mexican air force. «The Brazilian side’s interest in helicopters Mi-171SH, Mi-28NE and Mi-26T2 helicopter and «Ansat». Conducted appropriate consultations», — said the Agency interlocutor.

«Of considerable interest to the Russian helicopters are the Ministry of defence and security forces of Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay. All these countries obtained the official request to supply Russian helicopters, held the appropriate consultations,» — said in the article that is published in the corporate magazine of the holding «Helicopters of Russia», presented at the HeliRussia-2017.

«Helicopters of Russia» signed at HeliRussia-2017 contracts for 20 billion rubles© Photo : Helicopters Rossiyaninu wants to buy from Russia a few Mi-171ЕВ the journal also provides information that in 2017 it is planned to open a service center for maintenance of Russian helicopters in Peru. As stated in the publication, it will not only support the national helicopter fleet in airworthy condition and to repair Russian-made helicopters that fly in the sky of the neighboring countries of Peru.

Punchy said to RIA Novosti that Russia hopes that the Peruvian party will perform all of its obligations for the end of the year in Peru, has opened a service center for maintenance of Russian helicopters.