In Russia there is a new visa for foreigners temporarily residing

© RIA Novosti / Denis Priskiriami in fotomonster at multifunctional migration center of Moscow. Archival photoIn Russia there is a new visa for foreigners temporarily residing© RIA Novosti / Denis Priskiriami the image Bank

The state Duma adopted in third reading a law that introduces a new type of visa for entry into Russia.

The document was developed in pursuance of decisions of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation of February 16, 2016, which provides that foreign citizens and stateless persons granted a permit for temporary residence in Russia, enter the country and depart from it on the basis of valid documents proving their identity, and visa for temporary residence, unless otherwise provided by international treaties or presidential Executive orders.

The law supplements the list of common documents for entry into Russia with a new visa on entry for obtaining a temporary residence permit. It will be issued to the foreigner or person without citizenship for a period up to four months in the presence of the decision of territorial body of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia on the issuance of a temporary residence permit.

To grant such a visa would be the territorial authority of the interior Ministry simultaneously with the temporary residence permit in Russia and the term of the permit.

In addition, the law clarifies the concept of «visa» as «issued by the authorized state body permission to enter Russia and stay in Russia or transit through the territory of the Russian Federation» (as amended and determined that the visa is issued on entry to Russia or transit through it).

The government is vested with authority to approve rules of determination and allocation of quotas for issuance to foreign citizens and stateless persons permits for temporary residence (such quotas the Cabinet of Ministers annually approves the proposals of the Executive authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation).