Kirov authorities will provide assistance to all residents of the burnt houses

© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite in potamanthidae house. Archival photoKirov authorities will provide assistance to all residents of the burnt houses© RIA Novosti / Ilya Petliurite the image Bank

Authorities in Kirov region will help all inhabitants of the burnt houses in the town of Orlova, in the near future fire victims will receive 27 thousand rubles, reports GUMCHS in the region.

On Friday morning in Orlov was a fire — fire from the outbuildings spread to four houses. All of the homes were evacuated 70 people, including 15 children. The dead and injured there. According to the press center of the regional government, on Quay street burned four two-storey wooden house for 20 apartments. At the moment in need of help are in temporary accommodation where a hot meal, work psychologists. In addition, the temporary accommodation will be on duty around the clock doctors.

On the website GUMCHS reported that acting Governor of the Kirov region, Igor Vasiliev, and representatives from administration, emergency, police and other social agencies met with residents whose homes were burned during the fire.

«Fire victims are reassured that targeted assistance will be provided to everyone. Difficulty payments can occur in those who were not registered in the burnt housing. But aid will work individually with each… soon the victims will receive about 27 thousand rubles. Already decided to send to the children’s camp a group of children from the affected families,» the statement reads.

In addition, local authorities are working on the issue of fundraising and things for the fire victims.

Also during the meeting the residents, «explained the procedure for the registration of social payments and registration to housing and subsidies for housing construction», the Agency notes.

According to the chief of GUMCHS in the Kirov oblast Mikhail Likhachev, who is quoted by the press center of the regional government, the rescuers will be on duty in Orlova another day in case not all the lesions are completely extinguished.

He also said that by the time of arrival of fire brigades burned outbuildings, including illegally built on an area of 350 square meters. The wind gusts reached 12 to 17 meters per second. «The flames could spread to 25 nearby houses, but they are all saved,» — said Likhachev.

According to him, to help firefighters Orlov and the local voluntary fire brigade arrived, the calculations of Murygino, Kotelnich, Kirov. Just in extinguishing the fire were involved 92 people and 32 units of equipment, including 64 people and 29 units of equipment from EMERCOM.