On Altai the car fell into the river, two children were killed

© Fotolia / Ігіпа84Автомобиль police. Archival photoOn Altai the car fell into the river, two children were killed© Fotolia / Irina84

The car overturned in a river in Altai, killing two children and a woman, reports GU Ministry of internal Affairs in the Altai territory.

According to authorities, the day before four kilometers from the town of Zmeinogorsk occurred dorozhno-transport incident.

«The driver, operating the car VAZ-21099, has not coped with management and made a road into the river. The accident killed the passenger of the car, two young children six and two years were lost before arrival of ambulance», — is spoken in the message.

Currently, the traffic police investigated all the causes and circumstances of the incident.

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