Plum and leakage: how American intelligence agencies have become a sieve

© AFP 2017 / Brendan SmialowskiШтаб-apartment of the CIA in Langley, VirginiaPlum and leakage: how American intelligence agencies have become a sieve© AFP 2017 / Brendan SmialowskiВладимир Ardev, a columnist for RIA Novosti

Britain resumed their exchange of intelligence information with the United States to investigate terrorist attack in Manchester, reported the Press Association. It happened after the American partners provided the British counterparts of the new guarantee the observance of secrecy in respect of confidential data.

This was preceded by the scandal which has burst the day before, when immediately after the explosion, appeared in the media details of the incident, and journalists relied on sources in the American law enforcement agencies, and the New York Times published photographs of evidence found at the scene of the attack. The British newspaper also distributing this information — with links to American media.

TV channel Bi-bi-si has informed on may 25 that officials in the UK «were outraged». The interior Minister amber Rudd expressed his dissatisfaction with loss of control over the flow of information relating to the investigation, the mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham said the acting US Ambassador to the UK, that a similar leak as «totally unacceptable» and should be terminated immediately, and the British Prime Minister, Theresa may, promised to discuss the incident with the US President Donald trump.

In the UK, and the U.S. has begun an investigation into how confidential information the dissemination of which can negate the efforts of the secret services, leaked to journalists.

Intelligence love peace

Terrorist attack in Manchester occurred on the evening of may 22 in the complex «Manchester arena» during a concert by American singer Ariana Grande. Undermining was carried out by a suicide bomber, Salman Abedi. According to recent reports, killed 22 people, including 12 children, 75 people remain in hospitals, including 23 in critical condition. Several people are still missing. Responsibility for explosion was assumed by the IG*.

In this work, the premature disclosure of data could play a fatal role. Learn what is currently known to investigators, criminals can hide, lay low, destroy the evidence. And also to identify sources of information, which are usually embedded in a potential terrorist cell intelligence agents and eliminate them. For this reason, amber Rudd said that the British police hoped «to control the flow of information,» and that is why it was frustrated by the representatives of intelligence agencies and officials of the United Kingdom.

Blow to the ego

Demonstrative termination of the British intelligence services exchange information with our American colleagues only lasted about a day and was resumed. It was a necessary, necessary but is not a «technical» measure. Which, anyway, has become a kind of expression of doubt as to a sufficient level of professionalism of the Americans — because the ability to keep your mouth shut, in other words, to maintain its secrecy, confidentiality, secrecy is an integral part.

This is all the more essential that the US and the UK cooperate in the exchange of intelligence within the intelligence Alliance of the «Five eyes», which also includes three English-speaking States: Australia, Canada and New Zealand. And the suspension of such exchange — albeit short-term, albeit concerning only one specific investigation could not be reflected in the activities of the intelligence agencies of all five countries.

As soon as the scandal, U.S. officials said that the facts of leakage of confidential information are to be condemned, and assured that he will take steps to prevent them in the future. Characteristically responded to Donald trump, outraged not by the demarche of the UK (as one might expect), and the activities of their institutions.

«The President is outraged that someone in a government Agency can distribute the secret information, interfering with the ongoing investigation and jeopardizing national security», — told reporters the White house spokesman Sean Spicer.

Special piquancy of the situation makes the fact that just a few days before the attack in Manchester, trump himself became the target of accusations of disclosing state secrets. Democratically oriented press called him on that during the meeting with the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov he opened vis-a-vis deep-secret information about the plans of ISIS* received from Israeli intelligence. Than exposed an Israeli agent embedded in the structures of the terrorists.

The FBI and the newly appointed spectaculorum Robert Mueller’s investigation into the so-called «interference» of Russia in the process of election of President of the United States and of all «connections» environment of Donald trump with the Kremlin is that any tiny detail immediately becomes available to the press. Information about the investigation, the content of documents, transcripts of telephone conversations, information interviews and interrogation, facts, figures — all of which almost immediately turns to the media, citing «competent», «knowledgeable» and always anonymous sources.

The last such «sink» was a common television channel NBC News the information that the FBI conducts checks against the son-in-law and adviser to the President of the United States Jared Kushner — as in all previous cases, citing unnamed «representative of authorities».

«The alleged leaks of the government authorities are very concerned about. These leaks have long come, and my administration will thoroughly understand them. Leaking classified information is a big threat to our national security,» — said in a written statement, trump released by the White house, in which he demanded that the U.S. justice Department and other agencies «to conduct a full investigation of this matter and, if necessary, to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.»

Leaks really started yesterday. And the background to them arose in the midst of the presidential campaign, when in July last year, the FBI officially announced that it would stop the investigation directly involving the candidate in presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton. It was due to the fact that when he was Secretary of state politician used for official correspondence own private server, and it could lead to leakage of information containing state secrets.

The development of the «post scandal», directly associated with elections has become a kind of threshold at which the activities of the FBI, and then by other American law enforcement institutions and intelligence agencies have become increasingly politicized. The investigation of «Russian interference» in the elections was the natural continuation of this process, and plums and leakage is common. It all ended in scandal with the UK. Until over.

*A terrorist organization banned in Russia.