Pope Francis was deeply shaken by the attack on the bus with the Copts in Egypt

© AP Photo / Media office Minya Governorate the site of the attack on the bus with Christians Copts in the Central part of EgyptPope Francis was deeply shaken by the attack on the bus with the Copts in Egypt© AP Photo / Minya Governorate Media office

Pope Francis deeply shocked by the «barbaric attack» on a bus with Christian Copts, a perfect Friday in the Egyptian province of Minya, which killed and wounded innocent people, including children.

On Friday, the Vatican Secretary of state cardinal Pietro Parolin sent a telegram to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in which the name of the Pope expressed «solidarity with all those affected by this shameful violence.»

In this document, the attack on the Copts is described as a «callous act of hatred.» The special bitterness of the Pope caused the death of children. Pope Francis said he would pray for all the victims, their families and for the wounded, and also will continue to ask God for peace and reconciliation in Egypt.

Unknown three vehicles on Friday morning opened fire with machine guns a bus with Christians Copts in the area of the monastery of St. Samuel to the West of the village of al-Adwa the province of Minya in southern Egypt. The Christians were sent to the convent of Beni-Safa. The bus was carrying about 40 children. According to the latest official figures, killed 28 and injured more than 20 people. Earlier, representatives of the Coptic Church reported 35 dead, most of them children.

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